How Long Do Motorcycle Tires Last?


When purchasing motorcycle tires, a primary concern that may be on your mind is how long they will function properly. While this question can be difficult to answer, it is worth asking because it directly impacts how you care for your motorcycle best. Additionally, it allows you to make an informed purchase in the first place and know when it is time for a tire replacement on your motorcycle.

The Longevity of Motorcycle Tires

When looking at the most important elements of a motorcycle several things may come to mind. A sleek exterior, speed, strong battery, and safety may enter your thoughts; however, do not be mistaken, the feature that truly has the ability to make or break your ride is the motorcycle tires, and knowing how long they last is important!

The lifespan of motorcycle tires is not dependent on a singular factor. In fact, several components impact how long tires last and when they will need to be replaced. Although there is no guarantee on how long tires will last, the average length is roughly five years, as a maximum.

However, do not interpret this estimate as a sign that you should stretch the life of your motorcycle tire to five years. In fact, this is optimistic and over time many components can deteriorate, so it is important to watch for these to avoid damage to your motorcycle overall.

Additionally, your care for your motorcycle and protection measures you chose to implement also have a bearing on how long your tires can last.

Factors that Impact How Long Motorcycle Tires Last

Several components contribute to the overall lifespan of your motorcycle tires in their own unique ways. Although there are more potential situations than we can ever list here, the three primary factors that impact how long your tires last are the age of the tires, any damages to the tires, and the tread of your tires.


Factor 1: How Old the Tires are

The first and, perhaps, most relevant factor to how long your motorcycle tires will last is their age. For example, if you have already owned the tires for a while or bought them secondhand, chances are they are partway through the time they will last overall.

In fact, even if you buy new motorcycle tires it is important to ask the manufacturer when they were made and if they have ever been used on a test drive or for other reasons before you purchase them. While these questions may seem irrelevant, they do have an impact on the life of your tires and when you will need to replace them.

Factor 2: Damages

Next, if your tires have any damages or existing repairs in place this can drastically reduce how long they will last. It should come as no surprise that when in use tires can acquire many bumps along the way and wear down over time, inspecting your tires with frequency is a great way to stay ahead of the curve and know when they are beginning to slow down.

These damages can occur on the road and cause cracking within your tires or simply due to them wearing down over time. It should be obvious if this occurs as the motorcycle will have a different feel as you are riding it and may not turn or stop as smoothly.

Moreover, although it is not fun to think about, external sources can cause damage, such as vandalism, to your motorcycle if it is not properly locked up or is exposed to an area where it could be in harm’s way. Be sure to frequently inspect your tires for damages of this sort and keep it in a safe area.

Factor 3: Tread

Motorcycle tread is something that has a direct impact on how well the tires function. In essence, the tread is simply the part of the tire that is making direct contact with the road. Over time, the tread wears down and will not be suitable for riding any longer.

Typically, the area you ride in will have rules regarding what levels of tread are required for the roads. Ensuring your tread is equal and adequate is the best way to ensure safety and know when it is time to replace your tires.


Knowing When to Replace Your Motorcycle Tires

Although it may seem as though it should be obvious, knowing when to officially get started on the replacement process for your motorcycle tires can be difficult. However, there are several telltale signs that indicate it is time for a new set.

The below factors may mean it is time for replacement tires:

  • The tread has worn past the length of a small coin
  • There is visible cracking, rot, or cuts in the tire
  • The air feels off/the tires are unbalanced
  • The tires are not turning and breaking as normal

Paying attention to all of these components is a good way to tell if it is time to replace your tires. However, if you are feeling any doubt or uncertainty it never hurts to take your bike in to ask them if your wheels are up to riding much longer. It is truly better safe than sorry in this circumstance!


In summation, although motorcycle tires can last for around five years this is not the final ruling and many factors can contribute to knowing when you should replace yours. There are components to consider if you wish to maximize the life of your motorcycle tires, and we have outlined these above.

While situations can arise and defects may occur, motorcycle tires and generally hardy, and by observing these guidelines you can ensure that yours lasts as long as safely possible.