5 Comfortable Anti-Fog Snowmobile Goggles With Panoramic View

Snowmobiles, also known as motor sleds, are a fun motor vehicle for winter sports and activities.

Experienced snowmobilers know how important it is to shield your eyes while snowmobiling, and a good pair of snowmobile goggles will protect your eyes from snow, the sun, and other hazards.

If you want the best snowmobile goggles on the market, our handy snowmobile goggles buying guide can help.

In a Hurry? Here Are Our Top 3 Picks

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Reviews of the 5 Best Snowmobile Goggles

Try comparing and contrasting the pros and cons of these best-selling snowmobile goggles to get a better idea of the features available from the best snowmobile goggles.

1. Oakley Flight Deck Ski Goggles

Oakley is famous for their snowmobile and winter sports goggles. These snowmobile goggles are our pick for the number one best overall snowmobile goggles because of their quality construction and premium design. They come in a large variety of styles and colors so there is a pair to fit every style.

These goggles are 15 cm high x 30 cm wide, and you can wear them over your prescription glasses unlike some goggles. One of the benefits of this model is the rimless design that improves your visibility and has less blind spots than other goggles. The highest quality foam is used in the construction of the goggles and it wicks away sweat so you can comfortably wear these goggles all day.


  • Protects against blue lights, UVC, UVB, and UVA light
  • Comes in 22 colors
  • Frameless design
  • Three-layer foam
  • Sweat-resistant
  • All-day comfort


  • May be too expensive for beginner snowmobilers

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2. Extra Mile Ski Goggles

Ski Goggles, Anti-fog UV Protection Winter Snow...
  • DETACHABLE LENS SYSTEM: The detachable lens system offers spare lenses with different colors, VLTs...
  • VENTILATION & FRAMELESS DESIGN: Designed to reduce fogging and optimizes the flowing air over the...

Our runner up pick for the best snowmobile goggles are these Extra Mile Ski Goggles. These goggles have a detachable lens system that allows you to switch out the lens of the goggles with different colors. This can help you optimize your vision for different weather conditions, making this a great pair of goggles for experienced snowmobilers.

Made for all day wear, these goggles have a breathable design that ventilates the space beneath the goggles to prevent sweat and fogging. These snowmobile goggles from Extra Mile also have a frameless design which is beneficial because there is less obstructions in the field of view. They are perfect for men, women, and teens and they can also be worn over prescription glasses.


  • Switch out the lenses with detachable lens system
  • Wear with helmets or with glasses
  • Adjustable strap for all head sizes
  • Ventilated and breathable foam
  • Anti-fog
  • Protects eyes from UV light


  • Uses glue instead of magnets for the interchangeable lenses which can become harder to affix over time for this reason

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3. OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles

These snowmobile goggles by OutdoorMaster come in nineteen different colors and are made out of high-quality materials. Some of the benefits of the design of these snowmobile goggles is how versatile they are. You can wear them over goggles and the adjustable head strap makes it easy to adjust the size to fit men, women, and youth. The lenses and foam padding are anti-fog and provide maximum ventilation and breathability so that your face is protected from the cold and elements without sweat and condensation.

These goggles are made to be worn all day and made to stand the test of time. You can expect to get many uses out of these goggles because they are made out of high-quality materials by one of the top manufacturers of outdoor sports and snowmobiling accessories. These goggles efficiently protect your eyes from the harmful effects of UV light and with the one year warranty included free from the manufacturer you can trust that these snowmobile goggles will live up to the promises made by the manufacturer.


  • Protects your eyes from UV lights
  • Comes in nineteen colors
  • Free parts warranty included from the manufacturer
  • Compatible with prescription glasses and ski helmets
  • Breathable ventilated design
  • Comes with a free carrying pouch
  • Men, women, and youth sizes


  • These may be more high-maintenance than some other goggles because cosmetics may stain the foam lining and the lenses may scratch if not cleaned with a soft and clean cloth

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4. ZIONOR X Ski Snowboard Snow Goggles

ZIONOR X Ski Snowboard Snow Goggles OTG Design for...
  • Top Clarity View: Panoramic designed ski goggles with optimized anti-fog & UV protection treatment...
  • OTG Snow Goggles: Suitable for prescription glasses underneath, maximum glass size of: 5.51 in...

There are eighteen color variations available for these ZIONOR snow sports goggles and these colors do more than just spruce up your outfit. Each color provides a certain level of tinting that is better for different lighting or provides more UV protection than less tinted goggles, etc. These are a high-quality model of snowmobile goggles by a trusted manufacturer that are suitable for both expert and beginner snowmobilers.

They have an adjustable head strap so that both men and women can enjoy them equally, as well as prescription glasses wearers. These are some of the most durable snowmobile goggles you can buy and are basically indestructible with the advanced engineering from ZIONOR’s designers. The company offers great customer care for their customers so if you have any questions about these goggles or any of their other products they are happy to help you.


  • Good customer care
  • Eighteen color/tints
  • Safe and durable
  • Prescription glasses and ski helmet compatible
  • Adjustable size for men and women
  • Anti-fogging breathable design


  • Can cause fogging with a balaclava mask on

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5. ELECOOL Ski Goggles 2 Packs

ELECOOL Ski Goggles 2 Packs with Wind Dust UV 400...
  • MULTICOLOR LENSES SKI GOGGLES: You will get 2 pairs of premium ski goggles with multicolor lenses,...
  • DROP & SHATTER RESISTANCE & CLEAR VISION: These snow goggles frames are made of high quality...

Our pick for our number one budget pick for snowmobile goggles is this two pack from ELECOOL because you get two pairs of high-quality snowmobile goggles for the price of less than one of most goggles. If one pair breaks you can have a backup. Another benefit of purchasing these ski/snowmobile goggles by ELECOOL is that if you are a beginner you can try them out without spending hundreds of dollars on the top snowmobile goggles if you don’t end up using them a lot.

For couples going on their first snowmobiling trip or trying out other winter sports this budget package is a great deal that gives you everything a couple of two needs for a day trip snowmobiling. These goggles are an affordable price, but they do not sacrfice on quality when it comes to the materials and durable construction. They are suitable for men, women, and children as young as ten years old and will protect your eyes from UV rays from the sun as well as flying particles such as dust and snow that could get in your eyes while snowmobiling.


  • Protects against blue lights, UVC, UVB, and UVA light
  • Comes in 22 colors
  • Frameless design
  • Three-layer foam
  • Sweat-resistant
  • All-day comfort


  • These budget goggles are made for amateur snowmobilers and beginner snowbilers and will not meet the needs of experienced expert snowmobilers/skiers/snowboarders

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Buying Guide

Now that we have gone over a list of the best selling snowmobile goggles currently on the market, we are going to go into further detail about the most important features to consider when shopping for snowmobile goggles. Whether you are an experienced snowmobiler looking to upgrade to the very best pair of snowmobile goggles on the market or you are a beginner snowmobiler wanting to know more about snowmobile goggles before you buy, our handy buying guides are here to help.

Comparing and contrasting the features, pros and cons, and prices of the best-selling snowmobile goggles on the market can help you make the most informed decision when purchasing your own goggles for yourself, or as a gift, to make the most out of your money and get the maximum eye protection on the slopes. In addition to a list of 100% unbiased reviews of the best-selling snowmobile goggles on the market, if you keep reading you will also find answers to the most frequently asked questions about snowmobile goggles.

Features to Consider When Shopping For Snowmobile Goggles

Here is a list of the most important features for you to consider when shopping for snowmobile goggles. Reading over this list can help you avoid mistakes when it comes to buying snowmobile goggles. The best-selling snowmobile goggles that we included in our buying guide are all top-rated in each of the following features as well.


When it comes to shopping for snowmobile goggles, the price may be the first of the last things that you want to consider. For advanced and experienced snowmobilers you may want to invest extra money into a long-lasting and high-quality pair of goggles that are top-rated for your sport and will stand the test of time. On the other hand if you are a beginner or novice snowmobiler you may not want to invest such a large sum of money on the chance that you do not use the goggles as a lot.

If you are buying a gift for a snowmobiler we recommend buying a mid-range to expensive pair of goggles that are top-rated because you do not want to give a loved one a pair of “protective goggles” that do not actually protect the eyes because they are of low quality. To avoid low-quality products you can start by looking only at brands and products that are top-rated and well-known. Cheap knock-offs of the popular brands should be avoided because they tend to promise the same results, but are made out of cheap materials that do not get the job done and can easily break.


When it comes to buying a pair of snowmobile goggles the lens is very important, but do not underestimate how important the foam padding is that lays against your face. If it is too hard or tight it can leave uncomfortable lines on your face, cause you to sweat, or in some cases can even cause your skin to stain! Pay attention to what kind of materials are used in the construction of the foam and what customer reviews have to say about their experiences with wearing the goggles for long hours when it comes to breathability, comfort, and maintenance.

  • Breathability

The foam and overall design of the goggles should be made to optimize the “breathability” or ventilation of the ski goggles. While most ski goggles do not cover your nose or mouth, because they are often used with a balaclava or other ski mask the “anti-fog” feature is very important to pay attention to.

Sweating under the goggles can be uncomfortable, cause the goggles to slip off your face, and could also cause dermatological problems for your skin such as acne from clogged pores from unbreathable foam and sweat pressing down on your sensitive skin all day or lines and damage from the imprints of the foam which can be painful.

  • Comfort

The comfort of the goggles is definitely important considering that you will be wearing them for hours. If your goggles are not comfortable you may be tempted to take them off or cut your snowmobiling trip short. There are soft, dense, and breathable foam goggles that have adjustable straps to ensure that you are comfortable so you do not have to settle for any uncomfortable goggles.

  • Cleaning

Cleaning the goggles in the main maintenance that is involved in taking care of them, and some goggles are harder to take care of than others. Most high-quality goggles are made out of super durable materials that are meant not to break or scratch, but even then if you clean the surface of the lense with a dirty or rough cloth most snowmobile goggles warn that they could scratch the surface.

The right kind of cleaner, cloth, and method need to be used to keep the snowmobile goggles in top shape if you plan on using them for a long time. In addition to scratches, something else to be aware of is that the sweat, dirt, and cosmetics from your skin can have an effect on the foam.

The foam could stain your skin if it is dyed a color which is why a nude or neutral foam is best, and likewise if you wear makeup on your eyes or face these cosmetics can stain or otherwise damage the goggles. For women and makeup lovers you can find guides such as this blog which can recommend tips for you such as beauty products to wear while snowmobiling that won’t damage your goggles.


It is important that the goggles be the right size for your head otherwise they may slide off, slip down, or if they are too tight they can cut off circulation and leave uncomfortable indentions in the sensitive skin of your face. Make sure to check out the sizing guides of the snowmobile goggles when shopping to make sure that the pair you select is the right size for your head shape.

  • Adjustability

Most snowmobile goggles have an adjustable strap, so this is a feature that you can almost always expect to find. What is important is how adjustable the strap is as well as how high-quality the construction of it is. Velcro and other types of closures may be used which is one factor to take into consideration. If the size is adjustable it may be suitable for all head sizes, although there are some limitations.

  • Mens/Womens/Childrens

Most of the ski goggles and snowmobiles goggles on the market are unisex. The only difference between mens and womens goggles would be the sizes and colors, but almost all of the snowmobile goggles are adjustable and also come in a bunch of different colors so they are largely unisex. Children under ten will probably need a special pair of children’s snowmobile goggles unless their head is big for their age.

  • Other Accessories

If you wear a balaclava, helmet, prescription glasses, or other headwear you will need to take this into consideration when it comes to the size and adjustability of your goggles. They will need to fit comfortably over your glasses or balaclava and be compatible with your ski helmet if you use one.


The most important feature to consider when shopping for a pair of protective goggles for snowmobiling is how effective they are at protecting your eyes. Here is a list of safety features to consider when it comes to shopping for snowmobile goggles.

  • Durability

If the materials used in the construction of the goggles are not durable then they will not be able to effectively protect your eyes. In the chance of a freak accident a branch could hit your face or you could be thrown from the snowmobile, in which case if your protective goggles shatter they could cause more damage than good. This is why a durable material that does not shatter should be used for snowmobile goggles.

  • Eye-Protection

In addition to protecting your eyes from flying dust, snow, and particles, snowmobile goggles also serve to protect your eyes from the sun so that you do not get permanent eye damage from harmful blue light and UV light. When the sun reflects off of the snow it can have an even more damaging effect than usual, called sun blindness, which is why it is ill advised to not wear goggles when skiing, snowboarding, or snowmobiling.

  • Color and Tint

The color of ski goggles and snowmobile goggles is more important than just a fashion statement. The different colors and tints can offer varying degrees of protection from the sun and certain types of light. The tint is usually displayed as a number percentage with the higher the number the darker the tint and the higher UV protection.

While more eye protection may seem like the way to go, some people prefer lighter goggles because the dark tint may make it too hard to see. Depending on the lighting and weather conditions different tints may be better optimized which is why some goggles have interchangeable lenses.


Here are some frequently asked questions about snowmobile goggles.

Can you go snowmobiling without wearing protective goggles?

The laws and regulations regarding what protective gear is required for snowmobiling can vary depending on the state, providence, and park that you are snowmobiling at. If you are riding a snowmobile on your own property then you can legally probably get away with riding without protective goggles on, but considering that the risk involved in snowmobiling without goggles is blindness we do not suggest ever snowmobiling without the use of protective eyewear.

The main reasons why people tend to avoid wearing snowmobiling goggles despite the risk is because they do not like how the goggles fog up or make their face sweat, or because they wear prescription eyewear and it can be difficult to fit some goggles over them. With a little bit of research you can find affordable snowmobile goggles that are anti-fogging and can be adjusted for men, women, children, and people who wear prescription glasses. We recommend checking out this free nonprofit online guide to snowmobile safety before you go on your first snowmobiling excursion.

In addition to snowmobile goggles what kind of protective gear is necessary for a first snowmobiling trip?

When snowmobiling you can get particles in your eyes such as snow, ice, flying stick, dust, and other particles that could potentially blind you. This is one of the reasons why wearing goggles is so important. Another reason why you should wear goggles is because the sun reflects off the snow and back up at your eyes, which can be a safety hazard if it obstructs your vision while steering a snowmobile and over time can even cause bad eye damage leading to early onset blindness.

Snowmobile goggles are not the only kind of safety gear that you should be wearing when you go for a ride on the slopes. Face and head covering are most important and include ski masks, balaclavas, and helmets. If you plan on wearing any of these protective headgears you will want to make sure that the goggles that you buy are compatible because some goggles can cause fogging when used with a balaclava or are not sizable for wearing along with a ski helmet.

Other safety and protective gear that you may need for snowmobiling include a good pair of boots to protect your feet, gloves to protect your hands, and well-insulated weather-proof clothing that protects you from sun damage, moisture, and the cold. Our buying guides can help you find what the best products are for your snowmobiling trip to keep you safe, happy, and protected while you have the time of your life. For buying a gift for someone you love you want to make sure they have the most safe and high-quality products which is why our buying guides are also a great tool for those looking for a gift for snowmobilers.


Thank you for reading our snowmobile goggles buying guide. The goal of this guide is to help snowmobilers to find the best snowmobile goggles whether they are a beginner or expert. In addition to the detailed buying guide we also have included a list of unbiased reviews of the best-selling snowmobile goggles currently on the market.

Our pick for the best overall pair of snowmobile goggles is a pair of Oakley’s, because as most experienced snow sports enthusiasts know this is probably the best brand for winter sports goggles and protective eyewear. They use the most advanced technology and best materials in the construction of their goggles so you can depend on them for long-lasting performance and protection.

For expert snowmobiles or those looking for a luxury gift for snowmobilers we recommend the Oakley Flight Deck Ski Goggles, and for beginner snowmobilers we recommend the ELECOOL Ski Goggles because they are made out of durable materials to rival that of the most high-quality expensive snowmobile goggles on the market and you get two pairs for a super low price. They get the job done when it comes to protecting your eyes from the sun and other hazards, and for couples and first time snowmobilers they are an awesome value. If you break or lose one pair you have a backup for a family snowmobiling trip you can buy lots of these for the price of one pair of Oakleys.