Top Snorkeling Fins: 5 Best Adjustable & Travel-Size Picks

Believe it or not, your snorkeling fins can make or break your snorkeling experience. Selecting the best pair of snorkeling fins is important but can be more tricky than you may think.

With so many stylistic elements and functional factors to sort through, making a choice can be hard.

Lucky for you, we have made a list of the five best snorkeling fins and completed it with a buying guide to make buying your perfect pair of snorkeling fins easy!

In a Hurry? Here Are Our Top 3 Picks

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Reviews of the 5 Best Snorkeling Fins

Finding the perfect snorkeling fin for you is a task that involves knowledge and patience to ensure the perfect fit and comfort level; we kept these elements in mind when selecting the top five snorkeling fins.

1. WACOOL Long Blade Fins

WACOOL Adult Short Light Full Foot Pocket Travel...
  • EASY TO USE - A very easy fin to use, doesn't require special athletic or water sport abilities. A...
  • PERFECT FOR SNORKEL AND SWIM - Designed for pool use and swim training, but can also be used...

These snorkeling fins have a classic feel that screams simplicity and ease of use, while being affordable as well. There are several neutral color options and they are all around high-quality options perfectly suited for swimming and snorkeling.

These fins are perfect whether you are an expert snorkeler or beginner; their versatile design covers all the bases while managing to be remarkably straight forward. Their lightweight structure makes them unintimidating and they stay light even when submerged in water, which is perfect to someone who is adjusting to wearing snorkeling fins for the first time or even someone simply looking to switch to a lighter option.

Moreover, these fins are highly compact. They go where you go and even fold in slightly to make storage that much easier. Whether you need to carry them along or toss them in a bag/suitcase, these fins are only 14 inches long and very flexible, so they will fit without any issues whatsoever.

You can feel confident selecting these pair of snorkels, they are fashionable and lightweight and have testing backing up their success. These fins are great for the pool, snorkeling, and more. They are designed to be worn barefoot or with covering beneath if you are worried about your feet being cold.

The true unique element of these fins is their light material and short blade which allows you to move quickly and be propelled without experiencing fatigue that you might without snorkeling fins or with too heavy of a pair. This pair of snorkeling fins truly combines all of the amazing elements to create one knock out pair with minimal flaws.


  • Simple, neutral design
  • Easy to store
  • Allow for agility due to their lightweight features


  • Some customers feel they could be more durable

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2. CAPAS Open Heel Snorkel Fins

CAPAS Snorkel Fins, Swim Fins Travel Size Short...
  • Adjustable Open Heel Design, Good for Sharing - The open-heel design means each fin can accommodate...
  • Wears Comfortably, Support Various Way to Put On - Carefully select high quality material, soft foot...

The price of these fins is hard to beat, especially when you consider their high-quality materials and sleek black exterior. These fines still manage to look comfortable and unique all at once and are a great fit for adults and kids alike. They are adjustable and offer more sizes than almost any other snorkeling fins on the market as well.

While some shy away from open heel, you can feel comfortable embracing it with these fins. The open hill design allows them to be compact and creates a situation with adjustable size so that these fins to be shared among those in your group, which makes their low price even more astounding given how much money this can save you!

Furthermore, these fins are able to slide on over bare feet or those with covering to keep the feet warm. They do caution that you ought to wear a size up in these or adjust accordingly if you know that you are going to continuously elect to wear protective gear underneath.

These snorkeling fins are incredibly lightweight and easy to use as well as easy to put on. They have heel straps that allow you to easily slide them on and off without a struggle, and the adjustment is easy to complete as well.

These snorkeling fins also collapse well and are great for on the go traveling. They are made from flexible material and their heel strap easily tucks in when you need to throw them in a bag or suitcase. Their heel straps also have areas for your thumbs to hold them at if you are needing to carry them by hand from time to time. They maximize convenience all around.


  • Flexible material is easy to put on and take off
  • Sleek black design
  • Adjustable size allows for sharing among family and friends


  • Sizing ranges could be more specific

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3. Cozia Adjustable Swim Fins

cozia design Adjustable Swim Fins - Snorkel Fins...
  • EXTRA COMFORT TO SNORKEL FOR LONGER - Meet the new Cozia Design swimming fins. Each snorkeling set...
  • EASY ADJUSTABLE FINS - no more worrying about the perfect fit. The open-heel snorkel fins feature a...

These fins might just be the epitome of convenience! They are designed to create the most comfortable feel while protecting your feet fully and even include a pair of swim socks for your enhanced warmth while wearing them!

These fins are aimed at lasting long, resisting wear and tear, and providing a lightweight feel that propels you naturally through the water. The socks allow them to fit even better, and if you still don’t like the fit they are adjustable so that you can find the perfect balance and do what makes you comfortable.

Moreover, these are perfectly sized for travel. The heel straps tuck in and the socks can easily be slipped inside for organization and compact storage The length of these snorkeling fins is also perfect for spending time in the water while keeping your feet and the environment around you safe from contact.

If you are uncertain about these fins, feel confident knowing that these come with a long-term warranty and if you are not satisfied you will be able to get a pair that makes your adventures even better. This brand offers a wide range of sizes and you are guaranteed to find one that fits your needs.

These flippers are also gender-neutral and suitable for children as well which makes them a crowd-pleaser and their adjustable size makes sharing a possibility especially if you are in a pinch. Although they are slightly more expensive, the added bonus of the socks and ultra-durable materials provide more justification for this price tag.


  • Highquality materials to boost longevity
  • Neoprene socks included
  • Designed for comfort


  • These are pricier than many other options and slightly less compact

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4. BPS Short-Blade Fins

BPS Short-Blade Adjustable Swim Fins/Flippers for...
  • HIGH-QUALITY SNORKEL FINS - The BPS Swim Fins featuring anti-slip soles, maximum flexibility &...
  • ANTI-SLIP & DURABLE - Created with long-lasting Polypropylene (PP) and Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR)...

If you are willing to spend a bit extra for enhanced style and customization options, then these fins are the right pick for you. With many different colors, sizes, and a coordinated bag included with your purchase, you have the opportunity to make these snorkeling fins personalized for a style that feels like your own.

Not only are these snorkeling fins nice to look at, they are incredibly easy to store and organize. If you buy multiple pairs for your family, you can each have a different color and your own storage back to easily keep track of them. The bag is perfect for putting the fins in after a long day of snorkeling before tossing them in your bag to keep the rest of your stuff dry.

Additionally, these fins have some of the highest quality materials on our list. They incorporate polypropylene and other strong rubbers like thermoplastic materials to make them extremely lightweight. They boast a natural feel for swimmers and do not weigh you down as sometimes snorkeling fins can when they are too heavy.

Not only do these fins come with a bag, they can also include a snorkel tube, which is great for those looking to expand their gear selection.

If you are unsure about sizing, these are a great option. Their short blade and adjustability allow them to be highly flexible and easy to alter if needed. Additionally, they are easy to take off and put back on even when you are wet due to their high-quality materials.

Finally, if you still feel uncertain after purchasing them, you can have peace of mind due to their 12-month warranty. Their customer service team works around the clock and will ensure you have a functioning product that satisfies your needs when all is said and done.


  • Many color options
  • Bag and snorkel included with purchase
  • Adjustable size


  • Larger and less compact than some others

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5. Oumers Snorkel Fins

Oumers Snorkel Fins, Travel Size Adjustable Strap...
  • Adjustable Design - The open-heel design each fin can accommodate a wider range of sizes, so family...
  • Compact Size, Perfect for Travel - Oumers short fins lightweight and fit well in mesh bag or luggage...

These Oumer fins offer a basic yet pleasing style that is anything but basic in its ability to go above and beyond. These all black fins have a clean look to them and are equipped with a mesh bag and a connector to keep them together and avoid losing track of the fins.

Additionally, these fins are adjustable in size using a simple and easy-to-use ankle strap to ensure that they fit accordingly. If you happen to lose your strap, no need to worry because these fins come with an extra one in case that were to happen while you were out snorkeling.

These fins are designed to fit perfectly in their bag and slip seamlessly into a suitcase or beach bag as well. They are lightweight and easy to tote around by their ankle straps for when you don’t have an extra bag on hand.

Their lightweight nature also benefits you in the water because they elevate the tired feeling that sometimes can accompany snorkeling. These fins are designed to propel you through the water and serve as a natural addition to your legs when swimming or snorkeling to take your experience to the next left.

Although their design is simple, they absolutely do not slack when it comes to the details. These snorkeling fins are curated to create comfort for the wearer. They are compatible with swim socks and maintain their comfortable and adjustable fit for a long period of time.

If you are feeling less than confident about buying a pair of snorkeling fins online, you can rest easy knowing that not only you have an extra strap but that these also come with a lifetime warranty. If you have any issues with your fins the customer service team will work with you to get an exchange or return your money if you are unsatisfied.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Come with extra strap and mesh bag
  • Adjustable size


  • Design may be seen as too plain to some

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Buying Guide

Purchasing a snorkeling fin that works for you is easier said than done, especially when you have never done so before or are looking for a change to better your snorkeling adventures. This is exactly why we created a complete buyers guide to ensure that you know exactly where to start looking and can make the best decision for your happiness and enjoyment of the activity.


With snorkeling fins the case is commonly that you have a choice between full coverage fins and fins that have an opening at the bottom near your ankle/heel. There are perks and downsides to both options, so it’s important to consider which is right for you.

Despite their name, full coverage snorkeling fins are actually more compact and easier to store. Additionally, they weigh less than their counterparts. Additionally, full foot fins perform better and glide through the water easier due to their hydrodynamic features.

Fins with an opening at the heel can be beneficial because many find them as comfortable if not more comfortable than full coverage snorkeling fins. The strap can also be pushed into the fin, to make them easier to tote around. However, do be careful of the fact that part of your barefoot is in the open and could be hurt if you step on something.


A snorkeling fin that does not fit you properly is a recipe for disaster. Not only does an inaccurate fit cause you to be uncomfortable, it also allows water to fill the snorkeling fins and weigh you down. This will ruin your snorkeling experience and make it very difficult to glide through the water like you desire when snorkeling or even diving.

To appropriately select your snorkeling fins, it’s important that you know your size. Pay attention to how companies do their sizing and if you must, be sure to size up. Use reliable tools to accurately gauge the size of your feet and determine the snorkeling fins you will need.


Weight is a huge component both in and out of the water for snorkeling fins. If the fins are already heavy before you’re in the water, they will only drag you down further once you are submerged.

Additionally, lightweight options are often superior due to their portability when traveling. They are easy to pack and carry with you for wherever your snorkeling journeys take you.


In modern times, many snorkeling fins have become quite stylish. This is a great option for those looking to match to a wetsuit or simply have a pop of color.

If you are looking for a more simple option, stick to neutral tones and simple but pleasing designs that allow you to glide through the water unnoticed and immerse yourself.

Additionally, consider functionality. A stylish pair of fins may not be the most functional, so it is important to find a good balance on this front to ensure your snorkeling fins actually service their purpose and offer you stability and the ability to glide through the water while you are snorkeling.


The price of snorkeling fins varies rather widely depending on their style, features, and material composition. As with many products, if you are able to it is often better to spend the extra bit to ensure the longevity and full functioning of your snorkel fins.

However, if you do find that you are on a budget all is not lost! Many snorkeling fins can be affordable and high-quality if you simply choose reputable companies and ensure all of the necessary details (ex: lightweight, adequate coverage, and appropriate size) are included with your purchase.

Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is important when purchasing snorkeling fins, so if you are feeling uncertain select a brand that offers a warranty and hassle free exchanges. If the snorkeling fins don’t allow you to enjoy your time, you want to be able to reconsider and get a pair that makes you happy.

Additionally, many companies offer customer service options online to get your questions answered and check with them on sizing. This is always a great idea to scope out before buying to ensure you know their return policies and any nuances that may have to do with their particular storing fins before you make up your mind.

Consider your personal use and activity

Snorkeling fins are honestly not one size fits all, and this applies not only to actual sizing but to activities as well. Different customers have different reasons for needing and buying snorkeling fins. The same fins that would be perfect for a scuba diver, may not apply at all for what you desire for your snorkeling fins.

Your snorkeling fines are meant to be lightweight and an aid to you.

Selecting something that is comfortable and allows you to excel at snorkeling is the name of the game here. If you find yourself thinking your fins are causing you to struggle instead of excel at snorkeling, it’s time to reevaluate the size and weight of the snorkeling fins that you are using. Use our guide and list provided if this is the case or if it is simply your first time buying.


Here are some frequently asked questions about the best snorkeling fins.

Which is better full-foot or open heel snorkeling fins?

Many people have differing opinions on this and the truth is that it completely depends on personal preference, comfort, and activity details. If you worry about stepping on something, play it safe with full coverage. If you like the flexibility that open-heel offers, give that a try. We unpack the benefits and advantages in our buying guide, too.

Do I need snorkeling fins?

While many people do elect to not purchase fins if they snorkel only occasionally, if you are a frequent snorkeler fins are a must. Once you try them on in the water and see how they allow you to glide and freely move, you will be hooked too. Snorkeling fins have a host of benefits and protect not only you, but the environment around you as well, which is definitely a win-win scenario!


Purchasing snorkeling fins is no easy task when all is said and done. You want to buy a pair that not only fits, but also functions. There are also the challenges of staying in your budget, promoting your comfort, and ensuring that the fins actually help you instead of simply weighing you down!

With all of this in mind, our highest recommendation is the WaCOOL long blade fins. Although they are higher in price, their durable material and overall lightweight portability sets them apart from the competition and allows you to snorkel in comfort and style.

However, if you are looking to stay within budget another incredible option is the CAPAS open heel snorkeling fin. You are not compromising on quality with this pair and their adjustability and warranty can make you feel comfortable in selecting them as your snorkeling fin of choice.