Kids Sleds: Best Wood, Plastic, Steel (Discs, Racers & More)

Selecting the best sleds for kids is meant to be fun, but with so many options available and features to choose from it can be remarkably difficult.

When buying a kids sled you want to choose a design that is fun, durable, and also safe for your child. If you are lucky, the sled will be affordable as well.

We have researched and created a list of the five best sleds for kids complete with a buying guide to assist you on the matter.

In a Hurry? Here Are Our Top 3 Picks

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Reviews of the 5 Best Sleds for Kids

Sleds for kids have many requirements to ensure they are fun, functional, and safe. We have selected the five best sleds for kids below.

1. Zipfy Freestyle Mini Luge Snow Sled

ZIPFY Classic Freestyle Mini Luge Lightweight...
  • IDEAL FOR GROWN UPS AND KIDS: Make sledding a competitive family sport with this dynamic ride-on...
  • SAFE AND DYNAMIC DESIGN: Built with user safety in mind with feet-first design so riders can slow...

Our top pick for the best sleds for kids is unique in shape, color, and functionality and perfect for something different that your kids will want to ride again and again. Its shape allows for fun, security, and a new experience that is not usually seen in other sleds. Additionally, this sled is moderately priced considering the features it contains.

This freestyle sled has a bottom that is similar to other sleds, but has a seat and handle that gives children and adults maximum control of their ride! You feel secure from holding on the handle and sitting in a natural position.

The sled is incredibly easy to use, which allows kids to have fun and not worry about difficulties in that regard. To turn the sled, children must simply hold on and lean the direction they want! Kids will love this as it can allow them to try bigger hills and feel comfortable sledding at a faster pace.

In addition to its already extremely unique style, this sled has beautiful color offerings. All styles are two tones and there are many colors to choose from, which can allow you or your child to personalize the sled!

This sled is durable and created from plastic that is resistant to the snow and can handle a good deal of wear and tear without showing signs of damage. The colors are beautiful and hold well over time, which creates a beautiful sight as kids fly down hills.

Most importantly, this sled is designed to keep adults and children as safe as possible. By having legs first going down the hill, riding is more natural and safe and allows the sledder to protect themselves. This sled is also snow-resistant and minimal slipping will occur outside of the intended sledding path!


  • Unique and beautiful design
  • Safety features
  • Easy to ride


  • Not as fast as some other sleds on our list due to its design

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2. Flexible Flyer Metal Snow Disc Saucer Sled

Flexible Flyer Metal Snow Disc Saucer Sled. Steel...
  • CLASSIC SLEDDING SAUCER -- Flexible Flyer metal snow saucer provides lasting durability and the...
  • METAL SLED DISC -- Made of heavy gauge Bethlehem steel. Metal flying saucer won’t pop like snow...

This is the familiar classic circle sled that kids have loved for years, only it has enhanced high-quality features with up to date technology to provide the fun kids seek! The new-fashioned handles and bright, neon colors are sure to excite any child who is offered a ride! It is our runner up for the best sleds for kids.

This sled has a nice flex to it so that it can tolerate the wear and tear of flying through the snow without any bending or cracking. This durability is due to the metal material it is made of that is stronger than similarly styled sleds that are made of various plastics.

This specific metal is steel, and at the very worst over time the sled may experience some bumps, but it will not crack.

This sled is also perfect if you are looking for easy storage and portability. This is a small sled that can be stowed away and is perfectly curved to place others in the same style on top of it. These sleds are then perfectly capable or being tucked away or brought on the go, whichever you prefer in the moment!

This snow sled can handle speed while still providing security due to its round shape that is large enough to hold kids and adults of all ages, but still feels secure due to its curved edges and ropes for holding onto. This sled is ideal also for going down hills at top speeds, while snugly sitting inside.

The bright color and classic shape of this sled make it highly appealing, and at 6 pounds it is a bit heavier to tote around, but this is due to the high-quality steel that keeps the sled so durable.


  • Compact shape is good for storing and transporting
  • Classic Design with bright red color
  • Exceptionally durable and will not crack


  • Weighs 6 pounds, which is on the heavier side

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3. Slippery Racer Downhill Extreme Toboggan Sled

Slippery Racer Downhill Xtreme Flexible Adults and...
  • WINTER FUN FOR ALL AGES: Race down snow hills this winter with the slippery racer extreme toboggan...
  • STRONG AND DURABLE: Made with heavy-duty, slick-coated plastic for durable construction and...

Our best budget buy in the list of the best sleds for kids is the Slippery Racer. This sled is brightly colored and fast, which is sure to catch the eyes of many as you whiz by. This sled is properly sized to fit between one and two people and is great for kids to ride together or with a parent on board for extra support.

The sled is shiny in color and sturdy in its material composition due to the flexible plastic composition that has been carefully coated to make it weather-proof. This coating allows the sled itself to be resistant to the cold and not corrode over time, which makes for years of stress-free use.

This stress fits two people, but still manages to be lightweight and portable as well for when you are moving around, perhaps on your way back up the hill to enjoy sliding down once again! The pull rope that is included with the sled is perfect for helping children pull it along.

The size of this sled makes it easy to store as well. The dimensions are perfect for sliding away in a small spot, but large enough to fit the riders as desired.

The thing that undoubtedly sets this sled apart, however, Is its speed! This sled was shaped to create the fastest speeds possible while being flexible all at the same time. The unique curvature creates an appearance that is different, but functional. This sled can handle intense bending without so much as a tiny crack appearing.

This sled is incredibly fast, which may make it a bit overwhelming for children on the younger end, which is why it is a great option for a parent to ride with their child. Thrill seekers will delight in the speed of this sled and parents will love that it is durable and safe for their children to enjoy top speeds.


  • Highly Durable plastic
  • Cold/weather resistant
  • Extreme speed for thrill-seekers


  • May be too fast for young children to ride without a parent

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4. Flexible Flyer Snow Screamer

If you are in search of a sled that cannot be beaten in terms of speed and is able to seat two people, this might just be your perfect choice! At 47 inches long this unique foam sled with intricate designs comfortably fits two people for a thrilling sled ride down even the largest of hills!

The foam material creates a comfortable ride but is still thick enough to protect against bumps along the way on snowy hills. The foam itself is incredibly lightweight and makes the snow a breeze to carry by simply holding on to its yellow handles.

You may be wary about the foam not holding up over time, but the product has multiple layers of foam that make it quite durable. Additionally, the bottom of the sled glides smoothly while still being resistant to snow and cold, which is a win-win!

This snow sled is made for speed, so if you are worried your child is not yet capable of handling that you can ride with them! If your child is a thrill seeker, they will love to take a solo ride on this as well. At only 3 pounds, children can easily carry this sled back up the hill with them for another ride.

Additionally, this sled is easily stored upright or flat. Although it is slightly thicker and taller, it can still fit in the trunk of a car for travelling to the best sledding spots.

If you feel uncertain of your purchase, their customer service is dedicated to making it right and will ensure your sled meets your needs and makes your child happy.


  • Unique design
  • Thick, layered phone for a comfortable ride
  • Can fit up to two people


  • Less easy to store than some other sleds

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5. Slippery Racer Downhill Pro Saucer Disc

This sled dutifully combines simplicity with speed and creates an enjoyable ride for a child at the fraction of the cost of some other sleds on the market with similar capabilities. This sled is the familiar classic saucer shape, but with a few modern twists that keep things unique and stylish.

This sled is not equipped with ropes, but rather built in handles that are easy to grab and more ergonomic for the hands of kids and adults alike. Additionally, these handles are sturdy for speeding down hills without losing balance.

This sled comes in bright colors which makes the child or adult riding it easy to spot. Additionally, there is a choice between classic colors of blue, green, and red. This classic look with the modern twists is truly a home run.

Also, if you are on a budget this sled is a wonderful choice. At only $22 it is extremely affordable without the need to sacrifice quality. Additionally, the slim composition and 26-inch diameter make this sled easier to store than other similarly shaped sleds that retail for almost twice as much.

This sled is a lightweight kid friendly option that is perfect for kids who can ride by themselves seeing as it is large enough to best fit one person. The cold resistant treatment on the sled keeps kids comfortable and makes parents happy due to its durability over time, which makes it a worthy purchase.


  • Most affordable option
  • Bright colors and modern design-spin on a classic
  • Durable with cold-resistant materials


  • Plastic may crack over time

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Buying Guide

Buying a best sleds for kids is a tough choice on its own, but there are even more factors and features to consider when the sled is intended to be used by children. You want the perfect balance of safety and fun without breaking the bank. We have created the best sleds for kids buying guide to ensure you can find the best sled on the market with minimal stress involved.


Choosing the material of a sled may seem simple, but it is heavily dependent on the qualities that you consider important in a sled. Additionally, the material has the largest impact not only on the longevity of the sled, but also on the price in general!

If you are willing to deal with a slightly heavier and likely more costly sled, you may consider going with metal. While metal may experience a few dinks or dents over time, it will certainly not crack as some other plastic sleds might.

If you would prefer a lightweight, affordable option go with plastic. Many sleds have extra coating on their plastic to prevent cracking and enhance shine, so do not worry about that too much. Many plastic sleds are extremely durable.

Another material option is foam. If you are interested primarily in comfort and cushioning, foam is a great option to keep you comfortable and your kids as well while you ride.


Selecting the shape and size of a sled has more to it then simply choosing a look you enjoy. The shape and size impact the sled’s ability to be portable and to be stored in a place with ease. Additionally, these factors can make the sled harder or easier to use for kids.

If you want a classic shaped sled, look for longer designs or disc shapes. If you are looking for more speed, find narrow sleds with interesting curves. If you want control, look for sleds with handles.


One thing that is universally loved about sledding is the feeling of racing down a hill. If speed is a priority for you and your child, make sure the sled you select has a smooth bottom that can speedily glide over snow. Additionally, make sure that your child understands the steering controls of the sled.

If speed is not your main issue, focus on other components like safety and design to help guide your purchase.


Many sleds come equipped with safety features such as easy grip handles and feet-forward designs that enable your child to easily turn and stop when necessary.

If you have a younger child and are worried about them safely using a sled, you might consider purchasing a sled that allows for two-person riding. Many sleds are perfectly sized to allow both a child and an adult to ride with ease.

Always make sure that your child understands how to turn and stop before they can slide by themselves. It is not uncommon for sleds to advertise their minimum age as 5 years old, and if this is the case make sure you are abiding by these rules to do what is best for your child.


The price of a sled depends heavily on the materials that the sled is made of and its overall durability. Additionally, stylistic elements can also have an impact on the cost.

If you are able to, paying a higher price generally means that your sled will have better longevity. However, many affordable options still are constructed from high-quality materials that are weather resistant. As long as you know what factors to look for, you can make an informed decision and purchase a sled that will last you for years to come.

Customer Satisfaction

At the end of the day the most important thing is that both you and your child enjoy the sled. If you are feeling uncertain about a purchase, be sure to look for a company that comes with guaranteed warranties, so that if you are unsatisfied with the sled you can simply return it or speak with customer service to make the matter right.

Companies have a priority of making their customers happy and if they feel you are dissatisfied they will work with you to ensure you purchase a slide that you and your child enjoy for years to come.


The overall durability of the best sleds for kids depends not only on how you use it, but also on the materials of which it is made. More heavy-duty materials such as metals and Steels are going to last longer, but there is the trade-off of them being much heavier and typically quite a bit more expensive. If you find a true high-quality plastic, it is likely that your slide will still last quite a while.

At the end of the day no one material can determine durability overall because the durability of a slide is so heavily dependent on its usage. If you feel that your child will be rougher on the sled, it may be more cost-effective and productive for you to purchase a stronger sled from the get-go to save money over time


Here are some frequently asked questions about the best kids sleds

What is the best material for a sled?

This answer varies depending on how durable you want the sled to be and any preferences you may have about the weight of the sled, as well. While materials like steel are certainly more immune to cracking and breaking, they’re quite a bit heavier. Conversely, plastics wear more quickly over time but are lightweight and affordable. It all depends on your priorities and who is using the sled.

Does sled shape matter?

Sled shape has a direct impact on the speed of the sled and its turning abilities. The shape can also impact if the sled is stackable or able to be stored. While no particular shape is always better than the other, shape does matter.


As you can see from all of these components, buying the best sleds for kids can actually be quite a complicated endeavor. From choosing the shape, style, safety features, and more, many feel overwhelmed. The point of sledding is fun, not stress, which is why we hope this list of the best sleds for kids and the buying guide will help you have a stress-free sled purchasing experience.

As a reminder, our top choice of the best sled for kids is the Zipfy freestyle mini luge snow sled. This sled has an entirely unique design, which makes riding a breeze for kids and allows them to focus on the fun and feel confident to sled in challenging new ways.

If this option feels financially out of reach, we recommend taking a look at the Slippery racer downhill pro saucer disc snow sled. At just under $23, this sled is the most affordable option on our list of the best sleds for kids. It puts a modern twist on a classic disc sled and is sure to have your kids riding in style with smiles on their faces!