Top 5 Ski Poles for All Skill Levels | Complete Reviews

Selecting a ski pole is a task that should not be taken lightly!

The quality and ability of your ski poles can make or break your ski trip and if you do not have the correct style and fit, you will have a difficult time performing your best.

Thankfully, we have taken some of the difficulty out of this process by compiling a list of the five best ski poles complete with a buyer’s guide to help you make your choice!

In a Hurry? Here Are Our Top 3 Picks

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Reviews of the 5 Best Ski Poles

Ski poles are a critical component to your skiing adventure regardless of your ability level. Choosing the perfect ski poles can be tricky, so we have outlined our top five that we consider the best ski poles to help you out!

1. Powder7 Powder Poker 2.0

If you are in search of a ski pole that goes above and beyond and is made with the highest quality materials to ensure the best skiing experience possible, the Powder7 Powder Poker 2.0 is a solid option. It combines all the elements of an incredible ski pole while prioritizing style to ensure you look and feel great while skiing.

This ski pole is rooted in quality and utilizes durable materials like aluminum to fortify its base. This allows the pole to remain strong, but not sacrifice style. Additionally, steel is utilized in the tips of this pole, to allow it to earn its namesake of the “powder poker.”

This pole was created by skiers who have tested it and ensured it lives up to the quality ski experience that thrill-seekers look for, while still working for skiers at many skill levels and environments. Its structure makes this pole conducive to gentle pushes or more advanced downhill skiing, depending on your desires.

Not only does this ski pole allow you to level up in your ski ability, it also takes comfort to the next level. The soft grips are comprised of foam that will keep your hands at a nice temperature and create an easy texture for you to hold on to while you are skiing.

Another feature of the Powder7 Powder Pokers that simply cannot be ignored is their unique stylistic elements! These ski poles have a refreshing pattern that resembles beautiful black and blue mountains and is unlike any other ski poles on this list. Additionally, the powder baskets and easy-to-grip handles all complement the design while giving this pole a unique but sleek look that is sure to turn heads in the best way!

This ski pole is also affordable and around average to low price in comparison to competitors. For all of the features that this pole boasts, it is very reasonably priced.


  • Unique and pleasing design/colors
  • Made by skiers and tested
  • High-quality materials for durability


  • Powder baskets offer push that may be a little fast for new skiers

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2. Zipline Lollipop Graphite Carbon Poles

This ski pole is perfect for the skier looking to advance their abilities and mimic the professionals! In fact, these were designed by the team that supplies the skis for the U.S. Olympics! So, if you are looking for a professional-grade ski pole, this is a great option for you.

Furthermore, these ski poles are priced shockingly low given their high-quality origins and materials! T only $59.99 they are a fraction of the cost of some major competitors, but still have cutting edge construction and abilities.

Not only will these ski poles allow you to take your skills to the professional level, they also provide immense comfort. They are easy to carry and very flexible which makes for a smoother ride. Additionally, they have comfortable gripping that is warmer to the touch and less slippery than other common ski pole models.

These ski poles are wonderful for all sorts of skiers. Whether you are looking for simple downhill or some more rogue skiing, these will modify almost any terrain. They are easy to carry and bring with you as well and have straps that make them all the more portable.

These ski poles are made of graphite carbon, which is considered a step-up material wise. This material weighs less but provides advanced durability on the slopes, which is highly desired by many skiers.

Finally, the Zipline Lollipop poles have the style to match their amazing features. They have man colors and designs to make them the perfect complement to your ski ensemble. They are sleek but impressive all at the same time.


  • Graphite Carbon material for enhanced durability
  • Great for a multitude of terrains
  • Lightweight and extremely comfortable


  • May be intense for beginners due to the speed they create

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3. Black Diamond Expedition 3

Black Diamond Expedition 3
  • Four-season extended foam grip with aggressive hooking point for manipulating bars and buckles
  • Adjustable vari-width strap for ergonomic comfort with or without gloves

If you are searching for a stylish and sleek ski pole and can afford to not worry to heavily about the budget, then the Black Diamond Expedition 3 ski poles might be your perfect option! These ski poles stand out in the crowd with their bright coloring and dynamic designs.

Not only are these ski poles fun to look at, but they are also amazing to use! Their aluminum build allows them to be sturdy with an adequate amount of flexibility to fit almost any riding style or terrain. They also are adjustable for your needs and are easy to grip.

In terms of grip, more specifically, these skis have a comfortable foam-based area for your hand that is designed to offer hand, wrist, and forearm support to give the skier the ultimate comfort. Moreover, this foam allows for temperature control which makes it good all year round, and you can handle these ski poles whether you are wearing gloves or not.

The tips and baskets on these ski poles are intense, which is a given considering the use of Black Diamond in its name. If you are looking to encounter some serious powder, these ski poles can help you tackle that.

The key to their intense powder combatting abilities is their large basket included in the design as well as their incredibly sturdy tips. Don’t be too intimidated, though, they have a strong hooking point and straps as well which shows that they prioritize your comfort even on the most intense hills!

This ski pole design is slightly more conducive to the advanced rider given its emphasis on speed and tackling larger hills. Beginners m!ay want something slightly simpler, which is totally fine! However, if you are a thrill-seeker looking for advanced action, definitely check these ski poles out


  • Eye catching design
  • Large baskets and sturdy tips for powder control
  • Designed for year-round use with weather-adaptive features


  • Designed with advanced riders in mind

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4. WINGET Mountain Alpine Ski

WINGET Carbon Fiber Mountain Alpine Ski Poles...
  • 50% Carbon fiber shaft. Light weight but completely sturdy, portable.
  • Shaft diameter: 16:9mm(0.63":0.35"). Length: from top to tip: 1200mm(47.2").Great for skiing and...

The WINGET Mountain Alpine ski poles were a no-brainer in terms of this list. They are affordable at just $43.99 and have unique features and materials that make them lightweight and the perfect addition to your ski gear.

These skis shine in their lightweight nature and are perfect for when you need to be on the move. Their lightweight material is complimented by their sturdy structure, so there’s no need to worry about these skis being fragile or snapping. They are great for any rider and nearly any situation.

These skis are also designed with comfort of the wearer in mind and their grips contain special features for hand, wrist, and arm comfort. Although they do not have the same foam grip material, their design makes holding on easy and comfortable.

Their size and shape make them perfect for the winter season and colder months, and they are ideal for skiers of all experience levels. These simple skis are approachable and not intimidating.

The style of these skis is relatively simple and there is not much room for customization, but if you are looking for straightforward skis that go with anything then these are a perfect option. Their simplicity is also clearly reflected in their affordable price. Additionally, their simple exterior is complimented nicely by their high-tech carbon fiber materials and durability.


  • Extremely durable poles
  • Lightest weight option
  • Comfortable Grip design


  • No foam grips
  • Simple design may leave some customers wanting more style

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5. Salomon Arctic Lady

Salomon Arctic Lady, 100, Black
  • Lightweight: high quality aluminum shaft is strong and light
  • Ergonomic feel: specific bi-material all-mountain grip designed for women comfortably supports the...

At just under $35 this is our clear budget-friendly option. However, just because these skis have a cheaper price tag does not mean that they are made of cheaper materials! In fact, these skis poles stack up nicely on our list of options and hold their own with high-quality materials and unique versatility for all skiing levels.

These skis have a simple look, but you are still able to customize if desired. There are three unique colors and they have many sizing options as well. You can size yourself and choose the size that is best suited to you. The choice of color is also a perk if you are looking to coordinate your full ski set!

These skis are made of aluminum, which allows for flexibility while still giving a sturdy feel whether you are an advanced skier or just starting out. No matter what, you will feel upright and able to handle these ski poles, which are remarkably light and portable as well.

The grip is made from comfortable softer material to allow you to keep your hands at a nice temperature unlike the colder aluminum down below. Additionally, the grip has ridges for wrist and hand support so that you have a natural feel as you ski.

These skis may seem simple, but they pack the features of other skis into them for a nice price. Additionally, if you worry that you will need more powder control, you can always customize and separately buy a basket. The tips are sturdy and the poles are too; these skis can certainly get the job done and are perfect for skiing at parks.


  • Highly Affordable Option
  • Customizable color options to match your set
  • Lightweight and good portability


  • Not as much powder control for more rugged terrain

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Buying Guide

Purchasing ski poles is a balancing act between style, quality, skill level, and price (among other factors) When faced with all of these elements, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and not know where to start in selecting the perfect ski poles that will elevate your adventures. We have comprised a buying guide to help you prioritize the features necessary to select ski poles that will work for you and allow you to enjoy your time using them.


Ensuring your skis are the appropriate height and fit for you is the first step to success in choosing ski poles that you love for years to come. It is appropriate that you know your measurements and choose the correct size, especially when ordering online.

You need to consider a few components when selecting size and be aware of the flexibility of certain materials which can have an overall impact on the feel of the sizing as well. Use a reliable measurement source to get the best results.


Another factor to consider is the grip on your ski. You want the grip to not only be comfortable, but also to allow your hands to stay warm! A common way of achieving this is with foam grip.

Foam grip allows you to comfortably start of yourself while you ski. Additionally, this material allows for a neutral temperature unlike the cold aluminum or other material that the ski poles themselves are made from.

Within the design, you should also consider the straps, which play a key role in making sure that your skis are portable and comfortable to carry around.


Breaking through larger levels of snow/powder can be daunting, especially when you are downhill skiing or maybe even skiing outside of a park. However having strong tips and large baskets to deal with the powder is a great way to overcome this struggle and simply enjoy the ride.

The basket of your ski pole is essentially how you stay above ground. It keeps your skis above the snow for a smoother ride all around and is essential when you are skiing in areas where the snow has piled or is exceptionally powdery.

The tips allow you to penetrate the snow and must be pointy. You have to ensure you are careful as on some more fragile poles the tips can break off; you may also find that some ski poles have their tips sold separately. Ensure you check the details for this essential component of your ski pole.


You will want to cater your ski poles to the activity you will be doing. Some poles are better for smoother terrains and park skiing. Other poles are better suited to “backcountry” skiing on more rugged and unpredictable paths.

You may find that to get a more durable option, you have to spring for more expensive materials or that maybe you have to purchase additional parts like new tips for your skis and larger baskets to make your activity possible. Make sure to do your homework and know what comes with your ski poles and are aware of the requirements of the activity you like to do.

Moreover, if you are going to be in an environment where it is cold and wet, make sure your ski poles are prepared for this. It may seem like common sense, but the attention is in the details. Spending more for water-resistant materials and temperature controlling grips can say you a lot of headaches and help you avoid paying more on replacements as the years go by.


Of course, price plays a role in any purchase, and it can be the case quite often that quality ski poles are higher in price. As a general rule of thumb, if you are able to it is better to spend the extra money and buy high-quality ski poles with all the components now then to have to spend more on additional parts and replacements over time.

However, if you are new to the hobby or on a budget, just know that simpler and more cost-effective options do exist. You simply need to make sure that said options are suitable for your terrain and the nature of the skiing you wish to accomplish! The cheaper options, such as a few on our list, are still very high-quality and will give you an exceptional ski trip.

Experience Level

Lastly, consider your experience level. If you are a beginner, it is wise to start simple and advance from there. Choose a ski pole that allows some moderate customizations over time, but that doesn’t overwhelm you with features that don’t yet apply to your skiing activities.

Conversely, if you are more experienced and know what you are looking for then try to find a pole that includes these items from the get-go. This allow you to experience the tested full version of the product and often to be equipped with a guarantee in case you are not satisfied.

As you try your product and learn more about the ski poles in action, you can build from there and customize. It can be overwhelming at first but take it one step at a time and prioritize the features that will make you happiest when you are in action!


Here are some frequently asked questions about ski poles.

What pole length do I need to pick?

Pole length selection varies based upon your height. It is important to accurately measure with a reliable source and proceed accordingly. When you purchase your skis you will see several options for sizing. Choose the one that is closest to your measurements, and if you are unsure check to see if the manufacturer has a sizing guide.

What material are the best ski poles made from?

Some of the highest quality ski poles our need are made from aluminum and graphite carbon. Certain skiers have their own preferences, but these two materials are generally regarded of the highest quality. Graphite carbon is seen as slightly nicer than aluminum due to the fact that it is lighter weight and has more flex.


Selecting ski poles is a purchase that should not be taken lightly. These poles have a direct impact on your skiing abilities and how much you enjoy your time spent skiing. There are many factors to consider such as style, speed, weight, comfort, and more.

With all of these factors in mind, our top pick for the best ski poles is without a doubt the Powder7 Powder Poker 2.0. These skis poles pack so many amazing features into them and are offered at a highly appealing price. Plus, these skis are a solid option for those of all skill levels and for any terrain you want to tackle year-round.

However, if you are looking for a simpler and budget-friendly option we recommend the Salomon Arctic Lady. These ski poles are just under $35, which is truly an unbeatable price. They pack on great quality features and are certainly suitable for your skiing needs.

Regardless of your choice, make sure to check out our buying guide to help aid in your decision. We hope you find the best ski poles that work for you.