Best Ski Boot Bag: 5 Ideal Solutions for Carrying Ski Boots

Choosing a ski boot bag is an important element to ensuring your adventures go on without a hitch! Your ski boot bag is not only responsible for holding your boots, but also other vital gear and accessories for your activity.

Additionally, it is important to find a bag that can handle the elements and providing durability to fulfill its purpose.

Considering all these elements, choosing the appropriate ski bag for yourself can be easier said than done!

Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of the top 5 ski boot bags and included a buyer’s guide to help you out!

In a Hurry? Here Are Our Top 3 Picks

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Reviews of the 5 Best Ski Boot Bags

Ski boot bags need to be capable of not only storing, but also protecting your gear. We have selected the top five ski boot bags that we feel are best suited for this task!

1. Athalon Everything Boot Bag

Athalon Everything Boot Bag/Backpack - Ski -...
  • †ADVENTURE TRAVEL READY – pack a jacket, helmet, boots, and all your must have gear in this...
  • †AMAZING STORAGE – the boot bag features zippered, ventilated side pockets for boots, a center...

If you are looking for high-quality materials that offer ample space and over-the-top protection for your gear, then this Avalon ski boot bag is ideal for you. This bag is exceptionally durable and boasts amazing storage options that offer not only advanced space, but also extreme organization. This bag makes toting your belongings stress-free.

The materials of this bag are comprised of sturdy and dense fibers made from polyester that allow the back to be resistant to all elements. This bag can withstand water, snow, and general cold so that you do not have to worry about it or your belongings inside being compromised on your trip.

Not only does this bag provide secure coverage, but it also ensures you can fit everything that you need to inside without any issues. Whether it is your ski boots or other related necessities, they are sure to fit in this large sized bag that is equipped with zipper pockets on the sides and a main compartment as well for your boots.

You can feel even better about using this boot bag knowing that the bottom is protected as well via a waterproof tarp, which makes it possible to set the bag down if you need to do so. The bag also has a unique bungee cord feature on the front if you need to attach extra equipment.

Additionally, this bag is unique to due to its emphasis on ensuring that you are comfortable! This bag features straps that are out of sight and contain padding to support your lumbar area and shoulders. These back and shoulder pads allow for maximum comfort and ease, especially when coupled with the carrying handles on the top and front of the boot bag.

At only 3.8 pounds this bag is shockingly able to store many items including men’s boots which can fit up to size 13. It has a capacity of 58.5 liters and impressive dimensions that make it roughly 18 inches high and 15 inches wide!

This is an excellent choice if you are looking for a bag that features a little bit of everything, hence the name!


  • Padded straps that are out of sight
  • Wide variety of colors available
  • Spacious interior


  • Top handle could be stronger

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2. Unigear Ski Boot Bag

Unigear Ski Boot Bag, 50L Ski Boot Travel Backpack...
  • 50L STORAGE CAPACITY: Unigear ski boot bag features a thoughtful design, which can go a long way...
  • INDIVIDUAL COMPARTMENT: This ski boot bag backpack will give you the ultimate protection for your...

When searching for the perfect ski bag, there is no doubt that you are considering storage capabilities to ensure that this product can fill your needs. Luckily, if you are looking for a bag with high level storage abilities, this Unigear ski boot bag is an amazing option for you!

The ability to hold many products is boosted by this bag’s amazing capacity. With up to 50 Liters of holding ability this bag can store large boots and additional gear you may have with you that needs a secure place during your adventure.

This unique bag has space that is created with a large compartment with plenty of space for your boots. Additionally, this bag is uniquely constructed with two separate areas on either side for your accessories. Moreover, if you need to attach accessories on the outside the webbed, overlapping material makes it possible to easily hook those on without an issue!

This bag has easy accessibility with an opening through the bag that allows you to reach inside. Not only does this opening help you grab things, it can also double as a base for you to stand on when changing, seeing as it can be detached and easily put back into place.

This bag is not only versatile, but also high quality. The fabric that composes this bag is durable given its waterproof qualities and rugged material that can withstand the elements that can still be light enough for perfect use on your trips. The fabrics of tarpaulin and nylon truly take this bag to the next level!

The outside may be extremely sturdy, but the inside is centered on your comfort while wearing the boot bag. The primary carrying straps are padded to make wearing the bag easy. Additionally, the inside of the bag is perfectly cushioned to ensure that your items are protected and that nothing will be harmed.

This bag is also a great choice for someone who may be on the fence about their purchase. Unigear provides a one-year guarantee and quality customer service. They want to ensure that your bag is serving your needs while producing an enjoyable experience at the same time.


  • Interior padding to ensure items within are protected
  • Material is weather-resistant and high-quality
  • Customer service around the clock and warranty provided


  • Lack of handles

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3. Athletico Ski Boot Bag

Athletico Ski Boot Bag – Skiing and Snowboarding...
  • OUTDOOR READY – These rugged boot bags for skiing and snowboarding are great for storing boots,...
  • OUTDOOR READY – These rugged boot bags for skiing and snowboarding are great for storing boots,...

If you are looking for a ski boot bag that can seamlessly handle the great outdoors, the Athletic ski boot bag is certainly one to consider! This bag is designed to be resistant to the elements while providing exceptional storage with an overall great aesthetic appeal.

This bag is comprised of weather-resistant, thick material that still manages to be lightweight. The polyester fabric is flexible and withstands the elements to ensure your gear stays dry and protected.

In addition to your gear being fully protected, you can also enjoy easy access to your supplies throughout your trip when using this bag. The side pockets complete with a zipper make accessing your stored items a snap while still providing the sense of security you imagine when purchasing the product.

You can feel fully confident knowing that your supplies are protected by material that is specifically resistant to water, snow, and the cold weather you might require when carrying a ski boot bag. The polyester composition is able to deter the snow and water.

A component that makes this bag unique is its advanced storage capabilities. This bag boasts two giant boot compartments in addition to an even larger main compartment that is ideal for those who have extra gear or accessories to store within their bag.

The storage capacity of this bag is a luxury, especially when you consider the bag’s ability to remain lightweight and extremely comfortable. This bag is equipped with advanced support for the lower bag and the straps are extremely comfortable with extra padding. If all of this wasn’t enough, the convenient handles are padded as well.

Finally, this bag is more than capable of keeping you safe no matter the time or place of your adventure. The reflective detailing on the sides of this bag make it easy to see you even at times where the air is otherwise dark or obscured. Allow this bag to not only provide you peace of mind in its advanced functionality, but also in its elevated safety features as well.


  • Advanced storage capabilities with multiple unique compartments
  • Safety features for advanced visibility
  • Dense fabric that blocks out extreme weather


  • Handles are slightly less durable and get weak over time

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4. OutdoorMaster Ski Boot Bag

OutdoorMaster 50L Ski Boot Bag Lynx - Ski and...
  • BRING YOUR SKI BOOTS, HELMET & MORE - 1 big compartment FOR BOOTS, top compartment FOR HELMET and a...
  • 50L SPACIOUS BAG -This big 50L backpack-style bag fits ANY SIZE BOOTS, HELMET, GOGGLES, GLOVES and...

As the name indicates, this bag is perfect for those looking for a durable and rugged bag that is ready to accompany on them on outdoor adventures. This bag is perfect for those who find themselves on-the-go with a bag that needs to keep up with their speed and adventurous nature.

This bag is exceptionally durable and supportive due to the material it is made of, which is a high-density fusion of nylon and other high-quality materials. The materials are more than capable of providing space for your belongings while making sure it is adequately protected from the outdoor environment.

This design of this bag hinges on its internal organization, which relies on three separate containers. The primary container, which is the largest, is perfect for your ski boots. As a matter of fact, OutdoorMaster advertises that any size ski boots can fit in this bag, which certainly gives it an edge against the competition!

Additionally, this bag offers guaranteed full support throughout the entire structure. With waterproof support on all sides and even the bottom, you can feel safe setting this bag down and knowing it can withstand its surroundings and keep your belongings safe!

In addition to this bag’s superior longevity and resistance, it also focuses on the wearer and aims to provide amazing comfort for the person who is wearing it. The luxurious padded shoulder and chest straps are adjustable to create optimal comfort without interfering with your activity.

Not only does this ski boot bag offer ultra-comfortable wearing ability, it also includes handles for your convenience. If you are not sold with all these features, this bag also boasts a warranty that lasts a lifetime. In fact, OutdoorMaster guarantees that if you are not satisfied, they will work with you to ensure you are, regardless of when you purchased your ski boot bag.


  • Extremely durable and weather-resistant on all sides
  • Affordable compared to other leading brands
  • Wearer-friendly with padded straps and handles


  • Some customers feel design could be more aesthetically pleasing

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5. AUMTISC Ski Boot Bag

AUMTISC Ski-Backpack Boot-Bags Ski-Boot Bag - Ski...
  • Size of Ski Boot: 20*11*12 inch, this ski backpack is a newly designed outdoor ski bag that will...
  • Ski Boot Bag:600D nylon material with an ID panel on the side for personal information.

If you are on a budget but want a high-quality ski boot bag that can ensure you items are stored from harms way, you ought to consider the AUMTISC ski boot bag! This bag is the ultimate budget pick that absolutely does not sacrifice quality!

This bag is composed of nylon material, which is ideal for resisting water. Not only is its composition great, but its design also features some amazing personalized elements. In addition to a personalized ID panel on the side, there are also rear loading options for the boots, top pockets for your helmet, and side pockets for any additional gear and equipment!

This boot bag design makes for easy access for all your gear and provides the additional convenience of having a carrying handle as well. This creates sturdy and adjustable user options, which makes this boot bag perfect no matter what the occasion is!

This boot bag is decently sized with the ability to hold up to size 13 in men’s shoes. While the compartment has smaller dimensions than some others (20x11x12 inch), it is still fairly spacious

Finally, AUMTISC has an amazing warranty for customers who purchase the ski boot bag. They guarantee your lifetime satisfaction. If you aren’t happy with the product they will work with you via their customer service department to ensure that your needs are met.


  • Strong and weather-resistant material
  • High quality customer service
  • Affordable while still fulfilling customer needs


  • Boot compartment could be larger/more easily accessible

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Buying Guide

Purchasing a ski boot bag is an important decision because it is intended to make your adventures easier. There are many unique features you must consider to make an informed purchase that will keep you happy for years to come while still being realistic with your budget. Since all of this can be overwhelming, we created this buyer’s guide to assist in making your choice!

Storage Space

One of the most important aspects of a ski boot bag is its ability to fit your belongings! When you select a ski boot bag ensure you read the details about how much space it has and what size of boots the bag can hold.

Additionally, if having more space for accessories and gear is important to you, be sure to select a bag that has designated space for these items. You want to be able to pack your bag with ease and not have to worry about cramming items inside!


You want your bag to be not only spacious, but also easily accessible. Make sure you pay attention to style and the organization features that the bag offers. If you want separate compartments for different items to help you keep track of where things are, you should make this a priority in your search.

Also keep in mind that some bags have pockets within them in addition to zippered pockets/open pockets. You can decide what you are comfortable with and what level of security you want for the items you will be storing inside the boot bag.


Durability is also important when selecting a ski boot bag. You want a bag that can resist any action that it is involved in. Moreover, there are some specific features you need to ensure your bag can keep up with external elements like weather and general wear and tear.

If you know you will be taking your bag in a climate with rain, snow, and more harsh weather, make sure you select a bag that is waterproof and cold proof! This will help ensure the longevity of your purchase and the protection of your items.

Many materials like nylon and tarpaulin are considered durable and can help you get your money’s worth when purchasing a ski boot bag. Although these bags may be higher in cost, they save you money in the long run by lasting longer than other options made with cheaper materials.


Don’t forget to make sure you select a comfortable bag! You are likely going to spend quite a bit of time wearing or carrying your ski boot bag, so it is worth leveling up the personal comfort features to make this more enjoyable.

Look for padded handles and straps. Ski boot bags often offer adjustable straps as well, which is a great idea if you are worried about the fit of the bag or have a particular way you would like to wear it.


Price is a consideration seeing as ski boot bags can be pricey in many instances. If you have a budget you need to stay within, consider forgoing some additional features such as extra compartments and advanced design.

However, if you are prioritizing budget make sure to not skimp on key features like a compartment that can truly fit the items you need it to. You also should make sure to still select a bag with reflective lighting to not sacrifice your safety when it gets dark outside!

Customer Service/Warranty Options

If you worry you will not completely love your bag, select one that has a good customer service plan and warranty. At the end of the day companies want you, the customer, to feel satisfied and generally will do what they can to make it right and ensure you are happy with your purchase.

Some bags have a year warranty while others have a lifetime guarantee! Make sure to choose a plan that you feel confident in when purchasing yours.


While many ski boot bags keep things simple and sleek, there is still room for creativity if desired. In fact, many of the bags on our list come in a wide range of colors and patterns.

In addition to colors and patterns, bags can be customizable by the design of their compartments and pockets. Zippers and liners are stylistic factors worth considering as well in achieving the overall look you would like for your bag.


Finally, your safety is a top priority. Always make sure to purchase a ski boot bag with protective lining that is reflective. This allows you to be visible in foggier conditions or around dusk and can be a difference maker for adventurous activities.


Here are some frequently asked questions about ski boot bags.

What can I store in my ski boot bag?

The bag is primarily designed for storage of boots, but many boot bags offer features that make carrying accessories like goggles, gloves, etc. easier. Additionally, some bags have webbing on the outside to allow you to attach larger gear like skis themselves.

What material(s) should I choose for my ski boot bag?

Select a material that is weather resistant such as Nylon. When choosing a ski boot bag look for sturdy and durable exterior materials and padded internal materials to ensure your belongings are safe.


Selecting a ski boot bag can be intimidating; you want to have a bag that is stylish and comfortable, but you also need it to be functional and affordable. We have considered all these elements when making our recommendations and constructing our buyer’s guide!

Our top recommendation is the Athalon everything boot bag. Per its name, this bag really has everything to offer. It has massive storage space, great stylistic features, and durability that is unmatched. However, if you are on a tighter budget, we recommend looking at the AUMTISC ski boot bag, which has many of these attractive features at a more affordable price.