Best Outdoor Movie Screens for Backyard Theater Fun

Are you thinking of taking your movie-watching experience to the next level, but don’t know where to begin? Well you’re in luck! We’ve researched to come up with a comprehensive list of options.

This buying guide reviews all sorts of features such as brightness, image quality, playback resolution, and ease of installation.

While each product has unique attributes, and there are dozens of features to choose from, we focused on the top features that affect the viewing experience.

We’ve taken care of the hard work of time-consuming research so you can focus on choosing the best outdoor movie screen for your needs.

In a Hurry? Here Are Our Top 3 Picks

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Reviews of the 5 Best Outdoor Movie Screens

Let’s dive into the details of some of the great screen choices that will make your movie-watching experience even more memorable!

1. Elite Screen Yards Master 2

Elite Screens Yard Master Plus, 145-INCH 16:9...
  • 【145 inch Freestanding Portable Projector Screen】 This projector Screen is 145-inch Diagonal,...
  • 【Amazing Visual Feast】Screen Material: CineWhite UHD-B 1.3 Gain. 4K Ultra HD and Active 3D...

If you’re looking for a high-quality product to make a memorable movie night, then check out the Elite Screen Yards Master 2 movie screen. With size options ranging from 100”-200” and compatible with a variety of projectors, this outdoor movie screen was an obvious choice to review.

We looked at the 145″ model in-depth and found so many good features that will be sure to leave you a satisfied customer. For starters, this screen boasts a 160-degree viewing angle and a fully blacked front projection screen material. This means that viewers will enjoy a high-quality image and color reproduction. Top that off with the fact that this screen comes ready for 4K Ultra HD and Active 3D projection, and you’ve got yourself a top screen that can handle even the most action-packed and sophisticated cinema masterpieces out there! The Yard Master is compatible with standard, short throw, and UHD/HD projections.

With such a high-quality piece of equipment, you’ll want to make sure you take care of it. Luckily, the manufacturers created the Elite YardMaster to be mildew resistant. Cleaning will be a breeze with some simple soap and water, just make sure to allow proper time to dry before folding and storing it away.

Setting up the Yard Master couldn’t be simpler thanks to a unique feature. This screen comes with a snap button frame that completely extends the screen into full tension for a crease-less viewing experience. The lightweight aluminum frame is collapsible and has detachable T-legs. The screen package also includes a carrying bag for portability, so you can take it with you to a friend’s house or even use it for that big office presentation!

When setting up any large movie screen outdoors, you have to always take into account the wind factor. Luckily for us, Elite Screens provides a solution so you don’t have to, which includes ground stakes that are placed through little holes in the frame and shore up your screen from toppling over. If you’re setting up your screen to hang down then you find a rigging cord and support rings for adding increased stability in that way. The last thing you want is your screen toppling over right before a pivotal scene in the movie. You won’t have that problem thanks to the fully equipped setup gear that comes standard.

Once the frame is put together, it is lightweight and easy to move from one spot to another. It can even be moved by one person. Elite Screens goes above and beyond to make sure you enjoy your customer experience with the Yard Master. They’ve included a 2-Year warranty and lifetime tech support by email or a toll-free phone call.

If you’re looking for a good quality screen, easy to use and move, that will last you a long time, you can’t go wrong with the Elite Screens Yard Master 2.


  • Superb image and color reproducing quality
  • Lightweight and installation is easy
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Carrying case makes moving the screen easy


  • The frame may be slightly wobbly

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2. Visual Apex Projector Screen

Visual Apex Projector Screen 144HD Portable...
  • 144” 1-piece-fast-fold frame. Easy set up in minutes! No frame assembly required. Material snaps...
  • View size: 144" diagonal, 125"w x 71"h. Overall size (with Legs attached) 133"w x 104.5"h. Legs are...

The Visual Apex Projector Screen is a solid choice for anyone seeking to set up a great cinematic experience in their backyard, or even indoors for a true theater feel. This screen is designed to be as easy to set up as it is to break down and store away, all in a matter of minutes. This model comes with a frame for the screen, storage bag, legs for standing on its own, and rope for increased stability. If you’re planning on using this screen indoors, you’re in luck as it comes with 2 wall mounts as well as hanging hooks.

The screen is made of great quality material, and snaps tightly onto the frame for a professional look. With an optional screen skirt that attaches to the bottom, you’ll feel like you’re getting great value for your dollar here.

The Visual Apex model comes in multiple sizes, including 120”, 132”, and even 144”! That means you can choose the size that fits your needs and available space. Whether you’re hosting a super bowl watch party for dozens of people or having a quiet summer movie night in the backyard, this screen has your needs covered. No matter the size of the screen the image quality is never compromised, whether you’re watching standard or widescreen movies.

Maintaining a piece of equipment like a movie screen outdoors can be a hassle, but luckily with Visual Apex’s screen model cleaning is simple. The manufacturer states that the screen is made from mildew-resistant material, which will make washing and wiping the screen off from outdoor use a simple procedure. The material is also UV protected, so you don’t have to worry about sun damage for daytime shows.

Customers consistently comment that the size of the screen is a major plus, even for the 120” option. That means that no matter what size option you go with, everyone in your audience can enjoy the movie from a comfortable viewing angle. The screen brightness is also a positive factor for Visual Apex’s model. This is probably due to the cinema matte white screen color with a black backing, making your HD and 2D/3D experience seamless.

Visual Apex’s outdoor movie screen is a great choice for outdoor movie viewing for several reasons. Users will be hard-pressed to find something wrong with this option. This model checks all the boxes for quality, ease of setup, and affordability.


  • Easy to install
  • Great size
  • Portable carrying case makes transport a breeze
  • Good image quality and brightness


  • Owner’s manual not very detailed

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3. Vamvo Outdoor Projector Screen

Projector Screen with Stand, Vamvo 120 inch...
  • 【Assemble Effortlessly】- Vamvo outdoor movie projector screen comes with a foldable stand, which...
  • 【Excellent Projection Display】- 120-inch movie projector screen with stand, 16:9 aspect ratio,...

Vamvo brings you the opportunity to own a cinema in your backyard for an affordable price and only ten minutes to set up. This outdoor movie screen is the great crowd-pleaser. The manufacturer had portability in mind when they designed this screen. The package comes with a carrying box that weighs about 9 lbs and is compact enough to fit almost anywhere with dimensions of 22 x 14 x 4 inches, or that of an average briefcase. The frame is foldable so storing it away when not in use is pretty simple.

The best seller version of Vamvo’s projector screen is the 120” model with a 16:9 ratio, this seems to be the preferred size for outdoor viewing. But you can get away with the 80” model for indoor viewing as well. The design was recently upgraded for a bigger screen, the 120” model, and includes more stability. The screen dimensions allow for crowds of 5-15 people to comfortably enjoy a show at great viewing angles. Set up is a simple procedure as well. Velcro hoops keep the screen attached to the frame and make it easy to mount and unmount.

The frame is solidly stable, with tripod legs on each side it handles itself quite well outside during windy weather. But just in case, Vamvo provides ropes for each side of the frame to shore up your home cinema during windy weather. In addition to ropes, you’ll also receive ground stakes that go through the legs of the frame. One thing to note however is the screen stands about two feet off the ground and isn’t adjustable, so plan your seating accordingly.

While researching this product we noticed a few reviews regarding creases or wrinkles throughout the screen when you first unpack it out of the box. While most screens come with creases due to being foldable, an essential for storing away, most users didn’t say it was a huge complaint. The frame’s velcro straps allow you to increase tension on the screen to smooth out the wrinkles. Another solution is to lightly iron or steam before initial use. Overall the creases do not affect viewing quality.

One thing that should never go unnoticed is a company’s commitment to customer satisfaction. Vamvo’s outdoor projector screen comes complete with a 2-year warranty. In addition to that, the company will refund or replace your order within the first 3 months of the initial purchase. This makes your buying experience practically risk-free!

Overall the Vamvo Outdoor Projector screen is a comfortable choice due to its affordability, portability, and customer satisfaction guarantee.


  • Foldable and lightweight – carrying box only 9 lbs
  • New version with a bigger screen, thick canvas-like material
  • Stability enhancing ropes provided


  • Frame sits close to the ground
  • Deployment requires two people
  • May need to iron the screen to remove creases

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4. EasygGo 14’ Inflatable Screen

EasyGoProducts 14' Inflatable Movie Screen -...
  • EASY SET-UP: The mega inflatable movie screen is easy and convenient to set up in 2 minutes or less....
  • SCREEN & FRAME: This amazing new WHITE DISPLAY detachable screen and inflation fan work great...

When it comes to a large crowd movie-going experience you might be best equipped with the 14-foot inflatable screen from EasyGo. Even the 9-foot screen has positive reviews for a large crowd to enjoy a show in one place.

One of the best features of the EasyGo option is the detachable screen, which makes assembly/disassembly a breeze. The white display gives the screen a great level of brightness on a large area of 96” wide by 58” tall.

The setup is a breeze, just connect the fan and watch the frame inflate. The screen comes with tie-downs to give it more stability. You won’t have to worry about your inflatable screen becoming a scene of Gone with the Wind because EasyGo provides ground stakes for keeping your backyard cinema firmly planted.

One downside is the fan requires a power supply, which may eliminate some options such as toting the screen with you on a camping trip, or anywhere else too far from a power source. The noise from the fan may be a small nuisance as well, though most users report the noise level was minimal.

Overall the EasyGo 14 foot inflatable screen is a great option for those planning to host a large outdoor viewing audience. The aspect ratio is 16:9 which is standard to what you’ll find in most of its competitors.


  • Easy setup
  • Affordable
  • Easy to roll/fold screen


  • Requires a power supply connection
  • Noise of the fan

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5. Camp Chef Outdoor Screen

Camp Chef Outdoor Entertainment Gear Outdoor Big...
  • 92" Screen (diagonal)
  • Designed for front projection

Last but not least on our list is the Camp Chef 92” outdoor screen. This is a great option for the occasional movie night or camping trip. Set up is easy, complete in just a few minutes, and instructions are included. The screen comes with a separate bag for easy storage, simply roll or fold the screen and store away until the next movie night.

Camp Chef’s screen is made of sturdy nylon material that is canvas-like, giving off great reflective light from the projector. The screen holds great image quality, even from a decent or standard projector. You can even project from behind the screen, although the colors may be slightly muted. The widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio is on par with what we’ve seen in most other outdoor screens. Camp Chef’s model sits at 80.5” wide by 45” tall, so slightly smaller than the others on our list.

While the frame is a sturdy aluminum, it’s also lightweight enough to make portability a positive feature that can’t be ignored. Camp Chef provides 4 frame stakes and 4 guy lines to tether the screen to something sturdy in the event you have windy weather on your movie night.

All in all, user rate Camp Chef’s outdoor screen as very favorable. It’s our best budget pick for a reason. It’s a great deal for a small to modest budget, a solid, portable screen that does the job and brings a great outdoor movie night to life in just a few short minutes of setup.


  • Easy to set up
  • Portable
  • Strong frame


  • Heavier than most at under 20 lbs
  • Disassembly can be a hassle

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Buying Guide

Before you purchase the best outdoor movie screen, there are a few things you should consider before making your buying decision.


This is a term that is used to measure the brightness of a projector screen. The key takeaway here is the higher the gain, the brighter the image on your screen. For a more detailed explanation, the gain number is a ratio of light reflected from a light source back from a surface.

Viewing Angle

For the optimal viewing experience you want to consider the distance from the screen first and foremost. Because of their naturally larger size, projector screens typically have viewing angles that go up to 160 or 180. This is ideal to give a larger crowd an immersive experience.

Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio is a term referring to the projector’s ratio between its width and height. Most movies are set in a standard 16:9 ratio. This ratio is supported by DVD players and HDTV signals. If you’ve ever watched a movie and noticed big black bars on the top and bottom of the screen, it’s because the content doesn’t fit the resolution of the screen. This is the same for a projector and movie screen.

Diagonal Size

The standard diagonal size you should stick to is one that allows a 16:9 aspect ratio. That is because 16:9 is the most common ratio for movies. While many outdoor movie lovers would be happy to go as big as possible on screen size, it’s important to keep in mind the size your projector is capable of projecting onto. Another thing to keep in mind is the space you have for installation, you wouldn’t want to get a screen that is too big for your area.


This is an important element in the buying process that sometimes gets overlooked. Before purchasing an outdoor movie screen, you’ll want to consider the installation procedure specified. Remember to look into whether the tools for installing come included. Of course, if you go the inflatable screen route, installation could be much easier, so long as you have the necessary fan.


Here are some frequently asked questions about the outdoor movie screens.

Can I leave it outside?

While most outdoor movie screens have some resistance to the elements, it is a generally good idea to bring your screen inside if you expect rain or inclement weather. Direct sunlight may be damaging to the screen as well unless they have UV protection built-in.

Will 3D movies work on my outdoor movie screen?

Yes! Modern 3D technology today means you no longer need a special screen to show a 3D movie.

Can I use it during the day?

You can use an outdoor movie screen during the day as long as certain conditions are met. The specifications of your projector are going to be most important. To have a quality image on the screen, you’ll need to use a projector with at least 5500 lumens. The high gain value of your screen will also be a major factor for daylight use.


In your journey to find the best outdoor movie screen, you’ll run into a lot of brands each with different image quality, size, installation method and more. Picking the right one doesn’t have to be hard! Our list has a little bit of everything so no matter what your needs and wants are, you should be able to find something that will give you the outdoor movie experience you and your family will cherish.

Our top pick is the Elite Screens Yard Maste 2. This screen comes with so many mounting options, it brings versatility to the table that we didn’t see enough of in the other options. The user experiences with Elite Screen Yard Master 2 are overwhelmingly positive as well. This screen is compatible with a variety of projectors and can produce an image quality that is comparable to a traditional theater.

No matter which screen you choose, you know you’ll receive a high-quality product that will make your outdoor movie night, office presentation, or super bowl party one to remember. The choice is yours on which screen to build your outdoor theater with, but we hope this guide helps!