2022 | Best Longboards for the Speed & Control You Deserve

Purchasing a Longboard requires you to consider a variety of factors before making your final decision.

The process of buying a longboard can be stressful as you consider price, the reason for use, quality, and more.

Fortunately, we have comprised a list of the five best longboards and an accompanying buyer’s guide for you to use as you make your choice!

In a Hurry? Here Are Our Top 3 Picks

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Reviews of the 5 Best Longboards

Let’s explore the five best longboards and the many features that make them stand out to help guide your decision on which to purchase!

1. White Wave Bamboo Longboard

White Wave Bamboo Longboard Skateboard. Drop Deck...
  • Suitable for All-Skaters: Multi-layered Bamboo deck is 28" Long x 8" Wide and made from Canadian...
  • Missile Vibe: The Bamboo Missile really is the perfect board for all different sizes and has the...

If you are in search of a longboard that you can enjoy for a variety of activities such as cruising, downhill riding, and more then the White Wave Bamboo Longboard is a wonderful choice for you. This classic and aesthetically pleasing longboard does more than just look good; it also provides an amazing ride experience.

This longboard is beginner-friendly due to its sturdy feel provided by the 9-ply bamboo and white maple that compose the board. These materials create a light spring while looking beautiful at the same time.

While slightly smaller at 28 inches x 8 inches, this board holds its own with a sturdy base. This board is lighter-weight than many of the competitors, which makes it more portable for various longboarding adventures.

Among other advanced features, the 5-inch aluminum trucks are great for turning and make it so that riders can carve without experience any looseness. The bearings are notable for their smooth and quiet roll. Additionally, this board is equipped with soft wheels that are ideal for beginner cruising, while still providing a solid grip for higher speed activities.

The wheels, deck, and board overall are unique in their simplicity and clear grip tape. The graphics are durable due to their heat transferred creation, as well. With high-quality materials and composition, this board is reasonably priced and at the middle to lower end, which makes it a great option for those working with a budget.


  • Sleek, high-quality design
  • Smaller board for enhanced portability
  • Pro


  • Softer wheels can be less ideal for advanced riding

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2. Jucker Hawaii Original Longboard Skateboard

The Jucker Hawaii Original Longboard Skateboard is the perfect choice for someone looking for a casual and Authentic Hawaiian look. This 42-inch board is made in the heart of Maui with a natural bamboo design, which is layered to create amazingly simple but beautiful visuals.

The bamboo deck also allows for flexibility in the board, which creates a better riding experience overall. The kicktail compliments this flexibility nicely by further enhancing the maneuverability of the board.

This longboard is perfect for someone wishing to stay away from a busy design. The design may even be considered a bit basic with no cutouts, no drop-down section, and standard truck mountings underneath the board. However, for someone looking for a no-frills ride, it is perfect.

Additionally, although it is simple, there is still evident attention to detail in this longboard. The deck is made with clear tape so the wood strips are visible while you are riding. Moreover, the soft 78A wheels create a smooth glide even when tested on rougher terrains. The 7-inch aluminum trucks also rise to the occasion with their raw silver stone finish.

If you are looking to keep your look simple, but want a solid cruising longboard that can go above and beyond and handle some rougher terrain, this is a great classic option.

This board is definitely at the higher end of the price scale, but the quality materials and authentic Hawaiian crafting speak to why it is priced as such. Also, the board comes fully composed with quality elements which means you do not have to do any assembly or purchasing of additional parts, so make sure to factor this in when considering your budget as well.


  • Soft 78A wheels can handle rough roads
  • Layered bamboo for a beautiful deck
  • Authentic Hawaiian design and materials


  • Higher price than other longboards

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3. Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard

Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete...
  • ZED LONGBOARD: Our freshest longboard nods to the 1950’s makeshift backyard longboards with its...
  • ANTI-BITE TECHNOLOGY: Avoid wheel bite at all costs. In fact, put it in the back of your mind. We...

For those seeking a longboard with a lower price but high-quality materials and functionality, the Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard is a very solid choice. This 44-inch longboard is beautiful and capable of handling all of your longboarding needs while ringing up at only $59.99, which is much lower than other longboards of this caliber.

The board manages to be longer in deck length, while still lightweight. The long deck allows for more stable balancing, particularly for beginners, and is composed of sustainably sourced bamboo and 8-ply Canadian maple. This deck is broad and simple for a sturdier feel to provide security to riders.

The longboard is equipped with 7-inch aluminum trucks, which are lightweight but allow the board to handle rougher terrain. The bearings and bushings are top of the line too and allow for advanced reaction and precision while riding.

The board itself is long, which is conducive to a higher speed. The wheels have a rock finish, which is also a feature known to enhance speed. They are also smaller in size, which makes this board even better for someone seeking fast cruising or trying some more technical tricks on their longboard!

For such a low price, the materials are of high quality. The aluminum trucks, ABEC-7 bearings, and PU cast back bushing are all features found in high-end longboards but are featured here at a much more affordable price.

This longboard is also a wonderful pick for those seeking a unique-feel for their ride. Designed in the heart of LA, the deck has a true California feel to it. Moreover, there are 5 color options to choose from, so you can make it your own!


  • Highly affordable
  • Long 44-inch deck allows for higher speeds
  • Color customization available


  • Speedy design may be hard for beginner-level riders

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4. VOLADOR Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser

VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser...
  • As an artisan work from our engineering team, the 42inch drop through camber deck offers super flex...
  • 8-ply natural hardrock maple and epoxy glue, healthy materials bring more fun, and is better for...

This board is another great option for the all-purpose longboard rider, beginners included! Although the board is longer and designed for high-speed cruising, it has a comfortable broad feel for even novices.

It has a 42-inch drop through camber deck, which offers a super flexible field while still being shock-absorbent for more rugged roads. The deck also has a shockingly great turn-radius for how long it is, which makes for an easier ride as well. This longboard can handle cracks, gravel, and rocks in the road with comfort and ease.

The aluminum 7-inch reverse kingpin trucks is another unique feature that makes this board simple, but enjoyable to ride by enhancing maneuverability. Additionally, the large wheels are durable and have precision bearings to create a smooth ride overall. The grip tape on the deck itself is solid and secure to steady riders.

The most unique element of this board is certainly its aesthetically pleasing appearance. This longboard has artisan graphics designed by artists all across the Atlantic. The designers draw on vintage and Avant-Garde styles to create a longboard like no other!

The amazing design suits the wide deck and large wheels nicely while maintaining an overall lightweight. This longboard is moderately priced too, especially when its designs and features are all considered.


  • Amazing and Unique artisan graphics
  • Great turn radius
  • Grip tape for solid and secure riding


  • Moderate/high price

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5. Quest Epic Classic Pintail Bamboo Longboard

Quest Epic Classic Pintail Bamboo Longboard...
  • 7 Ply Super-Flex "Artisan Crafted" Bamboo & Hardwood Maple Deck
  • Durable 70x51mm 80A PU Wheels

The Quest Epic Classic Pintail Bamboo Longboard is, as the name indicates, a great choice for someone looking to stick to the classic and simple. This board is solid overall and a great fit for all from the beginners to those interested in more advanced cruising and downhill riding.

The deck itself is created with flexible 7-ply bamboo and hardwood male, for a sturdy but aesthetically nice look. The durable 70×51 mm wheels compliment this deck nicely and are proportional. The length of the board allows for steady speed, but the large wheels allow control for the novice who is unsure about their riding skill.

In addition to being a larger size, the wheels are also notably sturdy. They roll well and can handle cruising casually and downhill riding. The wheels create a smooth ride that is capable of withstanding cracks, rocks, etc.

This longboard also features advanced rugged and lightweight 7-inch aluminum trucks with precision ABEC 5 bearings to balance them out. This combination in addition to the wheels allows riders to experiment with rougher roads without damaging the board or risking falling off.

The board comes fully assembled with a simple and polished look. If a rider wants to change the bearings or trucks, instructions are included and this is easy to accomplish. The same applies to the wheels if a rider would like to alter those.


  • Extremely sturdy for downhill riding
  • Good flexibility in deck
  • Large wheels for balance


  • Somewhat simple design compared to competition

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Buying Guide

When it comes to purchasing a longboard, the various features can be overwhelming, and there is often no one-size-fits-all solution. You may have a certain style or purpose in mind for your longboard, so it is important to understand what style and features a longboard need to achieve these elements.

Understanding what a Longboard is

Before anything else, you must know what a longboard is; it sounds simple, but longboards are not the same as regular skateboards. Longboards cater to different activities, skill levels, and environments than skateboards.

Longboards are uniquely constructed with larger, more stable decks than skateboards which have a wider base to help riders feel sturdy. This is a major reason many people choose longboards; their sturdiness and easy-to-ride features make them a good option for riders regardless of their skill level.

Another key feature of longboards is their portability. They are easier to carry around and store than skateboards due to their longer, but more sleek build. This is important since longboards are often used for riding on a variety of terrains and must be portable for those using them!

Consider your Activity

Longboards can be used for a variety of activities, so it is important to select one that caters best to the activities that you anticipate you will use the longboard for. The four most popular categories for longboard use are cruising, carving, downhill and freestyle.

Cruising is the simple act of riding your longboard around for casual purposes. Usually, boards for this purpose have a fairly simple design and softer wheels to allow for a smooth ride without too many bumps.

Carving is another reason many people ride longboards. This is a similar activity to snowboarding or skiing! Carving usually involves hills and needs a longboard with soft enough wheels but a sturdy turn radius.

Freeriding is essentially longboarding with some tricks. Riders who want to freeride often seek out longboards with smaller wheels and enhanced features for precision to allow them to do clean and impressive tricks.

Downhill riding is exactly what it sounds like! Riders zoom down hills on their longboards for the thrill. This is an activity for advanced riders and board features include less flexibility, enhanced control, and lower height.

Pre-Assembled vs. Self Assembly

Many people have a desire for a unique longboard, and if this is the case for you there are a few options. You can go with the pre-assembled longboards such as the ones we have listed here or can build your own and purchase separate parts.

When you buy pre-assembled, you are able to have worry-free warranties and accurate reviews of the product on the whole. Additionally, there is less assembly time required and lower costs generally.

If you are set on a fully custom-built longboard, research the various parts and their purposes and follow instructions online to assemble your longboard.

Decide your Style

There are so many different looks and feels to the many longboards on the market! Some pride themselves on Hawaiian or California vibes while others keep it simple. Before you make your purchase, decide what stylistic features are important to you to guide your search.

A few components to consider are the board material, colors, and graphics. All of these elements come together to create the theme for your board.

Materials can impact the flexibility of your board too, so be prepared to read about the flexibility of the material and the durability of whatever graphics you choose. All of these factors are relevant to the life of your longboard.


Longboards are designed to ride the roads and help you do the things you enjoy. However, it’s important that you select a longboard that can be durable for the activity you end up doing.

To ensure your longboard lasts pay attention to the details of the wheels, deck, pintails, trucks, bearings, and more. Often, companies will explain what features assist with durability, and we have outlined these features too on each product listed.


Longboards can vary widely in pricing and there is a reason for that. The materials and various features that compose a longboard all have direct impacts on the pricing.

One longboard may be of great quality, but cheaper than another due to slightly less advanced features. If you are a beginner or on a budget, consider the cheaper option because typically the features will be explained and still functional.

If you can help it, focus more on materials than the price of your longboard. However, if you are on a budget looking for a preassembled option can be a great way to save money on gathering all of the parts.

Skill Level

It’s important to be realistic about your skill level when purchasing a longboard. Starting with more basic features for sturdiness is a great idea, and as you learn you can upgrade and customize the features if you feel the desire.

Some of the more beginner-friendly activities are cruising and carving, and many boards are notably great for beginners such as the White Wave Bamboo Longboard we listed in this article. Whatever the case, make sure you cater to your individual skill level and always use protective gear to be on the safe side.

For more advanced riders, consider longer decks to up your speed while maintaining a great turn radius. Other features such as small wheels can help as well for precision tricks and other fun activities with your longboard.

Customer Satisfaction

At the end of the day, the reason you are getting a longboard is for the enjoyment of the activity. It is important that as a customer you are informed so that you can make a purchase that meets your needs and satisfies these requirements.

Companies want you to love their longboards too so that as you grow in your skillset and make relevant changes to your longboard, you will stick with them.

Many companies offer up worry-free warranties and guarantees if you are not satisfied with your longboard. If you find that you are not completely sold on the one you are choosing and feel worried you won’t like it, make sure to take a look at the company’s return policy and see what kind of warranties they have.

You will have your longboard for a while and it will go to many places with you, so make sure you choose one that will fit your needs for a solid amount of time before buying.


Here are some frequently asked questions about longboards.

Do I have to buy parts for the longboard?

The longboards listed here are all pre-assembled. To create your own, you must separately order and assemble all relevant parts you wish to include and follow assembly instructions. For these longboards, the parts are pre-selected and do not require separate purchases.

I am a beginner, which longboard should I choose?

We believe all longboards we have listed are fairly beginner-friendly, but if you are feeling concerned, choose one of the boards with a wider deck and larger wheels. For example, the White Wave Bamboo Longboard has these features to allow for a sturdier feel and steadier cruise for a novice.


When it all boils down, choosing a longboard is a personal task heavily dependent on your skill level and stylistic preferences; this is especially true when you want to buy the best longboard. When you are making a purchase like this, you are looking for the full package.

We highly advocate the White Wave Bamboo Longboard because it’s great for all skill levels and has a simple style, amazing portability, and high-quality composition. If you are looking for a slightly cheaper option with the same great quality, we recommend taking a look at the Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard.

Be sure to consider all of the elements outlined in our buyer’s guide before making your purchase and do some research on your own if you still don’t feel sure. Consider factors such as the longboard deck, wheels, trucks, turn radius, bearings, bushings, and more.

Finally, read reviews and stick with companies you are comfortable with. As previously mentioned, many companies offer warranties as do the five we outlined for you here. If you are not satisfied, they will work with you to find a longboard that best meets your needs and allows you to excel and enjoy the activity.