5 Kayak Anchors (With Rope) To Hold Your Boat in Place

When it comes time for you to pick out the best kayak anchor, don’t get overwhelmed by the number of choices you will be confronted with.

There are many options including type of anchor, style of anchor, and the overall weight of the anchor. If you are not sure which anchor is best for you then you have come to the right place.

We have taken care of this by providing you with a comprehensive list of reviews and a buying guide to help you in choosing the best kayak anchor for your needs.

In a Hurry? Here Are Our Top 3 Picks

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Review of The 5 Best Kayak Anchors

Now let’s take a closer look at the top 5 best kayak anchors and some of the information that you may need when selecting your perfect anchor!

1. Vibe Anchor Trolley and Anchor Kit

Vibe Anchor Trolley and 3 Pound Grapnel Anchor Kit...
  • The Vibe Anchor Trolley Kit keeps you where you want to be while fishing in the anchored position
  • Allows the bow of your vessel to turn in to the current for a smoother experience

The Vibe Anchor Trolley and Anchor Kit is the overall best kayak anchor for many reasons. For instance it incorporates a unique trolley retrieval system that secures your kayak anchor when not in use yet it can be deployed simply by loosening the retrieval rope to allow the anchor to fall without any kinked up rope or other obstructions that may hinder the process.

The Vibe system also allows the bow of your kayak to stay pointed in the direction of the current to ensure a more stable kayak when anchoring for things such as fishing for a prolonged time in one spot. The anchor itself is designed to be as efficient as possible by using a grapple hook design.

The entire system includes the anchor and anchor trolley with all of the pulleys and hardware complete with a detailed set of DIY instructions to make the installation process as smooth as possible. The anchor line also uses a small in-line buoy to indicate exactly where your anchor is deployed.

This anchor kit uses the trolley to set you where you want to be and the anchoring systems makes sure that you stay there!


  • The Vibe anchor is a total package. Everything you need comes in one package
  • Uses a mini zigzag cleat to maintain the position you choose
  • Includes 30 feet of rope. That is sufficient for any conditions.


  • The Vibe is a bit pricey compared to others
  • The trolley system might not be perfect for your needs

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2. Ocean Motion Kayak Anchor Kit

The Ocean Motion Kayak Anchor Kit is probably the most versatile anchor kit in this review. Not only is this kit designed for kayaks, but also works very good on other water vessels such as canoes and personal water craft (PWC). It allows your kayak or other small boat to remain perfectly in place while you swim, fish, or just flat out relax.

This anchor was made with the fisherman in mind. It uses sunlight resistant nylon rope and the anchor is not painted some flashy color but is constructed from galvinized material with stainless steel hardware. The anchor also packs neatly away in its own nylon storage bag until you get ready to use it.

Ocean Motion also backs this product with a 2 year warranty and suggests that it can be a very thoughtful gift for any avid kayaker.


  • A completely self contained anchor system
  • Uses nylon rope that is resistant to sunlight


  • Does not use the trolley system
  • Must be deployed by hand
  • A bit on the heavy side

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3. Wichemi Kayak Anchor

The Wichemi Kayak Anchor is made from quality galvanized carbon steel that is durable and corrosion resistant. Wichemi also uses a braided nylon rope with a very high strength test for even more dependability.

This kit also includes a nylon storage bag and an in-line buoy marking system with plenty of rope to handle most any anchoring job. This anchor is able to be folded. The 4 fluke grapple design allows it to be sore away without hindering things on deck like fishing gear. It is the ideal anchor for rocky, sandy, or weedy bottoms.

The main shaft of this anchor has a moveable collar that locks the anchor flukes into the storage position when not in use. Simply slide the collar up to extend the flukes and then slide it back down to lock them into the opened position. Then feed the anchor as much rope as possible on its way to the bottom to create more horizontal drag to keep the kayak pointed with the current.


  • Foldable design makes for easy storage when not in use.
  • All stainless steel hardware
  • Nylon braided ropes for longer wear


  • A bit heavy for hand deploying
  • Doesn’t include a cleat to tie the retrieval rope on.

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4. Best Marine Kayak Anchor

Best Marine 3.5lb Kayak Anchor with Quick Release...
  • Free Float & Peace Out: Catch a perfect sunset, soak in the surroundings & grab some peace out on...
  • Bonus Rock Rig Setup: A marine anchor is useless if it’s stuck beneath rocks or branches. That’s...

Best Marine offers a kayak anchor that is heavy enough to do the job yet light enough to be thrown by hand. This makes it a great choice for kayaks, personal water craft, canoes, stand up paddleboards and other small boats.

Best Marine is a best kayak anchor choice as it is designed for kayaking enthusiasts that are seeking refuge on the water to fish, meditate, watching sunsets, or just relaxing.

This anchor also works on the sliding collar design. And if you already have an anchor trolley installed this anchor works great in those type applications. Best Marine is a leading supplier of kayaking accessories in the United States, Europe, and Australia.


  • Unique foldable design.
  • Works great with a trolley system.
  • Comes in its own nylon storage bag.


  • Sliding collar sometimes doesn’t lock into place.
  • Doesn’t include a stainless steel carabiner to attach the rope to the anchor.

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5. CalPalmy 2-in-1 Sand Anchor for Kayaks

(1-Pack) 2-in-1 Sand Anchor for Small Boats, Power...
  • Triple Duty PWC Gear: Constructed with heavy duty PVC material, fill this handy bag with sand and...
  • Ultimate Dry Bag: With welded seams and strong PVC, this watertight compression sack will keep...

You can use this anchor by filling up the heavy duty PVC bag with sand. Or you may choose to leave it empty and roll the top closed for a dry bag for assorted personal items that you don’t intend on getting wet.

This bag anchor will hold up to 50 pounds of sand which is a bit heavy to use but you don’t need to worry about its anchoring capability! It really secures your kayak no matter what conditions you are in. It is also a bright yellow bag with green ropes making it easy to spot in the water.

Superior materials and craftsmanship make this an ideal anchor or storage bag in any season or situation. The dry bag feature will allow a perfect water tight environment for your towels, food, phone, or anything that needs to stay dry, as long as it fits in the bag!

This anchor kit includes a 12 foot rope and 2 stainless steel fasteners.


  • Two-feature design.
  • Great as a dry storage bag.


  • Heavy when full of sand (50 lbs.)
  • Rope is rather short

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Buying Guide For The Best Kayak Anchor

Before you buy the best kayak anchor there are several aspects of kayak anchoring that you should be familiar with. Here we have broken down kayak anchors to smaller things you should be taking into consideration when buying the best kayak anchor.

Construction Material

You will want to take into account the type of material used in the construction of your kayak anchor. It is important when choosing your kayak anchor that you select one that is constructed from material that matches the conditions that the anchor will be used in.

When choosing a steel anchor it needs to be made up of galvanized carbon steel so that it will resist corrosion. Many kayakers prefer to use a concrete anchor and these work just fine as long as they are dipped into a quality rubber coating that will protect the concrete from wear, tear, and corrosion.

Consider too the choice of rope that is used in the anchor system. Nylon braided rope is far better than its propylene counterpart it is also twice to three times as strong as the “plastic” type ropes.

Type of System

Think about the type of system that you want to use for your best kayak anchor choice. While there are many types of systems you need to choose the one that will be designed for what your needs are.

If you plan on doing a lot of fishing or other activities that require a lot of gear being stored on deck then you might fare better with an anchor that stores neatly away in one of your storage compartments. These would be the anchor types that come with their own nylon storage bag.

But if your kayaking conditions require that you need to use your anchor on a moment’s notice then you need to look at a system that uses a trolley mechanism. These are simple devices that allow the anchor to be raised and stored in place on the nose of trolley that is installed on the bow of the kayak. Then the release line is cleated off in a place that is convenient and safe for the kayaker to release making these types of systems both effective and easy to use. Some of the more expensive trolley systems include a small rope winching device that mounts in the cockpit of the kayak making for a very easy to deploy feature.

One thing to keep in mind if you are not using a trolley system is the weight of the anchor. If your kayak anchor is not supported by a trolley and is quite heavy you experience may be less than desirable.

Conditions The Anchor Will Be Used In

If you happen to the adventurous type that likes to kayak on the ocean then you need to choose the best kayak anchor that is rated for ocean use. The last thing you want to do is go out on the ocean with a small anchor designed for lakes and ponds.

The same thing goes for kayaking on smaller bodies of water. You only need a kayak that is rated for the conditions that you will be in. It may be alright for you to use a 10 pound anchor on a lake but it would be a bit overkill to use a 50 pound sand filled anchor on that same body of water.

Also if you happen to know if the bottom of the water you are kayaking on is sandy or rocky or even weedy this will dictate the type of anchor you will need.

It is also a good idea to insist that your anchor be used with nylon rope just for its ability to stand up under heavy sunlight conditions.

Another type of anchoring condition is when your kayak is located on or near a sand bar. Another type of anchor is to simply stake the kayak into a steady position by using stick anchors that were not mentioned here but are an additional safe and effective anchor for shallow water conditions.

Educate Yourself on Proper Anchoring of Your Kayak

It should go without saying but your anchor is going to be useless unless you know how to use it. The proper usage of the anchor is as important as the type of anchor you choose.

When learning the proper technique in using your best kayak anchor pay attention to detail. And if something about the proper use is puzzling to you then by all means consult with a kayak professional. Your local kayak supplier should be very well equipped to answer all of your questions with regards to the proper use of a kayak anchor.

The more you know about the proper use of the anchor the more capable you are in handling any kayak anchor situations that may come up. As with many other things in life the more you know the better prepared you are.


To better help you with the choosing of the best kayak anchor listed here are some frequently asked questions regarding the anchor.

What is a Trolley System?

A kayak anchor trolley system is a small device used to keep the anchor mounted securely on the end of the trolley and the trolley is placed in the position where you need the anchor to be deployed.

It is basically a guide through which the anchor retrieval line can be guided to allow the anchor to fall unobstructed to the bottom of the body of water you are on.

Most trolleys look like an animal snout that is mounted on the bow of the kayak and the anchor line is tied off via a cleat when the anchor is on bottom or in its on kayak storage position. Some trolley also use a small rope winch that the kayaker can easily operate from within the kayak’s cockpit.

What is a Grapel Anchor?

A grapel type anchor as the name implies looks very much like a grappling hook that is used by mountain climbers and such. The hook or “flukes” as they are called when referring to an anchor are held in place usually by a sliding collar that locks them in the down position allowing them to effectively sink their flukes into the muddy bottom and thereby anchoring the kayak.

Depending on the conditions that this anchor will be used in will determine if you need a 3 or 4 fluke designed anchor. And you need to consider the anchor’s weight if you do not use a trolley system. An extremely heavy anchor can easily turn a good day on the water into a frustrating one.

Why Should I Even Use A Kayak Anchor?

If you plan on doing anything in your kayak that will require being in one spot for a while then you need to invest in a good kayak anchor. That sweet fishing spot that you love so much will be a totally better fishing experience when you use your kayak anchor.

It is a whole lot easier to anchor a kayak than it is to try and keep it in one spot with a paddle or any other means.

Can’t I Just Use A Regular Boat Anchor?

In a word? No. The average boat anchor is not only three to five times larger than a kayak anchor it is also three to five times heavier. Most of your kayak anchors weigh anywhere from 3 to 10 pounds depending on the style. Your average boat anchors while being more complex in design, start at around 25 pounds and up.

So if you happen to have an old boat anchor laying around do not try to install it on your kayak. Better yet take it to a boat repair shop and try to sell it and then take those proceeds and go buy your best kayak anchor.

It may sound very silly but a kayak needs a kayak anchor and a boat needs a boat anchor. That’s the best way to keep it simple.

The only exception to the weight thing is when you choose to use a sand anchor like the one we have at number 5 on our review. While this anchor is 50 pounds when filled with sand you can also consider that this type of bag anchor doesn’t have to be filled completely to the top. Halfway is more than efficient.

These are some of the most asked questions when thinking about buying the best kayak anchor. If you have question that are not mentioned here then by all means consult your local kayak professional.

In Conclusion

In your quest to find the best kayak anchor there are as you can see now many things to consider. It is not enough to just choose one that seems to serve your purpose but one that fits the style for which it is intended.

The number one kayak anchor on our list, the Vibe Anchoring System, is definitely worth investing in simply because of what is. A total kayak anchoring system. It comes with the before mentioned trolley system and all of the needed hardware to make this kit the best overall in our review.

There are many different kayak anchoring systems available but the Vibe system is by far the most complete. But the fact that all of the other choices in the review do not use the trolley system does not take anything away from them being good choices too when buying the best kayak anchor.

You put a lot of thought in when you decided on which kayak to buy. So you should naturally use the same method when choosing the best kayak anchor. Hopefully you have found the information that you need and you are a bit more educated on the subject of kayak anchoring.

So just get out there on the water and do your thing but please do it safely by choosing the best kayak anchor!