Instant Canopies for Fast & Easy Shelter: 5 Full Reviews

There are a lot of instant canopies on the market, so finding the best instant canopy can be a challenge.

Determining which one will suit your needs can be an overwhelming job when you first start, but if you are precise about what you want, you can find instant canopies that work for you.

Instant canopies are very user-friendly and are a great way to improve your outdoor experience, however, there are many different modifications that may seem small.

If you feel as if you aren’t sure what your needs are, or if certain instant canopies will fit your needs, you’ve come to the right place.

This article has compiled all of the best features of instant canopies to make a buying guide to help you figure out your exact needs.

In A Hurry? Here Are Our Top Three Picks

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Reviews of the 5 Best Instant Canopies

Here are five of the best instant canopies on the market. Whether they’re for camping, leisure, or simply blocking the sun at your next function, these instant canopies are vetted for quality and can get the job done with ease.

1. The Coleman 13 x 13 Instant Eaved Shelter

Coleman Pop Up Canopy, 13 x 13 Beach Shade Canopy,...
  • SUN PROTECTION: UVGuard material offers UPF 50+ sun protection
  • INSTANT SETUP: In as fast as 3 minutes

If you prioritize convenience when it comes to your instant shelter, you’ll find that the Coleman 13 x 13 Instant Eaved Shelter does the job in three easy steps. This 169 square foot space provides shade within three minutes of its assembly, and the extended eaves ensure that sun glare in the morning or later afternoon won’t affect your shelter. Due to the pinch-free technology Comfort Grip Technology of the Coleman Instant Shelter, the telescopic poles can be extended without a struggle.

All of the pieces of this instant shelter are connected to a single frame, so you don’t have to worry about cumbersome building instructions. The large feet at the end of the poles allow you to step down on them for more ease in assembling the shelter. The appropriate stakes are also included when you buy the shelter, so you don’t have to worry about movement. The guy-lines are also pre-attached, meaning that this canopy conveniently stays intact no matter how much you use it.

The UV Guard material of the Coleman Instant Eaved Shelter ensures that you have 50 SPF, and the roof’s vent allows heat to rise out of the shelter, leaving you cool. The durable “double-thick” fabric of the tent is rugged and not easily damaged, even in your most fervent outdoor activities. At its highest point, the Coleman 13 x 13 Instant Eaved Shelter measures in at 9 feet 7 inches meaning that you don’t have to worry about claustrophobic low-points. More than ten people can fit comfortably under this instant canopy.

When your day is done, the compact design of the Coleman Instant Eaved Shelter allows you to compress it. It comes with a wheeled bag for easy transport as well.


  • Convenient setup
  • Ventilated
  • Graciously sized
  • 50+ SPF
  • Durable


  • Not suitable for strong winds
  • Not waterproof or water-resistant

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2. Quik Shade Commercial C100 Instant Canopy with Wall Panel

Quik Shade Commercial 10 x 10 ft. Straight Leg...
  • AMPLE SHADE SPACE: 10 x 10 foot instant canopy provides 100 square feet of shade for 8 to 12 people....
  • SUN PROTECTION: Fabric canopy top made with 300 denier polyester with Aluminex-backed top ensures...

The Quik Shade Commercial C100 Instant Canopy is considered a tool for businesses, however, its durability makes it convenient for personal uses as well. This instant canopy is 10 x 10, so you have 100 square feet of shade and comfort. A back wall panel provides extra shade and privacy. There are three height positions to choose from for this canopy. Eight to twelve people can fit comfortably under this canopy, making it perfect for medium-sized get-togethers.

This canopy is durable. Due to its double frame system, the thru-bolt assembly allows for confidence that the canopy will remain erect once assembled. The sliders that allow for different heights in the canopy are easy to use. What’s more, the polyester top allows for 99% UV protection. Its classic white canopy means that you have less unnecessary heat to deal with. Because the canopy is water-resistant, you don’t have to worry if it’s exposed to wet weather conditions.

The additions that come with this canopy include an easy-wheel bag to allow for compact and comfortable transportation. This instant canopy is designed for temporary use only and is not recommended for exposure to medium to heavy weather. Further, it is suggested that extra reinforcements are added to the legs to keep the canopy situated, such as sandbags.


  • Adjustable heights
  • Durable frame
  • Transportable
  • 99% UV Ray protection


  • Assembly can be more complicated
  • Requires extra support in windy conditions

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3. E-Z UP ES100S Instant Shelter Canopy

E-Z UP ES100S Instant Commercial Canopy, 10' x 10'...
  • BUILT FOR BUSINESS & FUN - This pop up commercial grade tent does it all and provides coverage for...
  • MAXIMUM COVERAGE – Our 10 foot x 10 foot pyramid instant canopy offers 100 square feet of shade...

The E-Z UP ES100S is a versatile tent that has three-paneled walls for comprehensive cool coverage. With one hundred square feet of internal space, eight to twelve people can comfortably fit beneath the canopy. This shelter comes with more features to ensure durability and allows the user to lock the corners for durable support. With three height settings, your canopy can reach up to 11 feet 5 inches.

Features of this shelter canopy that increase its durability include the E-Z Glide Truss Washers, toggle-leg adjustment, and high-strength end caps. The Auto-Slider pull pin allows for easy quick-lock release when you’re ready for your shelter to come down. Reinforced corners prevent tears due to cross-stitching. The package comes with the instant shelter canopy, a roller bag, three sidewalls, the canopy, and a mid-zip sidewall and a four-piece spike kit.

Further benefits to this tent include its 99% UV protection and its fire resistance. The E-Z UP ES100S Instant Shelter Canopy meets CPAI-84 and NFPA-701 standards for being certified as fire-resistant.

This tent is attractive, cool, and durable, and can meet a majority of your outdoor needs. The maker does specify that it is not strong in windy conditions, nor is it recommended for long term outdoor use.


  • Durability
  • Fire resistant
  • Three panels prevent sun
  • Easy to assemble


  • Not water resistant
  • Water pools in corners during storms which can cause the model to collapse

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4. Quik Shade Expedition Instant Canopy

This model is the most affordable on the list, as it clocks in at around $100 but still has the same features that make other, more expensive instant canopies worthwhile investments. This large instant canopy is 10 x 10, covering 100 square feet. It lacks any side panels but can be installed in under a minute without any tools.

This is an easy-to-use, straightforward instant canopy that anybody can put together and use. If you’re looking for affordable, no-fuss protection from the sun, this canopy can improve any outdoor activity.

The top material is made out of a durable fabric that is not only water-resistant but blocks up to 99% of UV rays. This model also has three height settings, allowing you to adjust the canopy to fit your needs. The one-person, one-push instant setup allows for quick assembly, and the canopy disassembles just as quickly with quick-release push pins. The eave is constructed with overlaps to ensure the canopy’s durability, and its thru-bolt assembly increases its stability.

There’s no need to worry about ground stakes because this canopy comes with four bolts to anchor it in place. Another item that comes included with this purchase is the heavy-duty travel and storage bag. This tent is lightweight and transports easily.


  • Water-resistant
  • Blocks UV Rays
  • One-person assembly
  • Easy assembly
  • Lightweight


  • No side panels
  • Not appropriate for medium to heavy rain

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5. Ohuhu Instant Shelter Canopy

This instant canopy is a 10 x 10 instant canopy that provides cool comfort on the sunniest days. With 100 square feet of 99% UV Ray protection, waterproofing, and fire resistance, this durable canopy is versatile. There are four adjustable heights to pick from with this canopy, and the detachable sidewall adds shade when necessary. No matter what type of adventure you’re on, this lightweight canopy makes your day a breeze.

The shelter’s fabric is lightweight and waterproof, and can stand up to light precipitation. Since the canopy uses velcro to attach its side paneling, adjusting to block out more sun is easy. The steel frame is durable and long-lasting but is light enough to assemble on your own.

A wheeled carrying and storage case is also included. Ground stakes, however, are not included with this purchase. This shouldn’t be much of an obstacle, as the majority of tent stakes or ground spikes can hold down the canopy.


  • Lightweight
  • Hook and loop fasteners for the side panel
  • Waterproof
  • Four adjustable heights
  • Fire-resistant


  • Ground stakes are not included
  • Cannot withstand moderate rainfall

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Buying Guide

When investing in an instant canopy, knowing what you want to use it for as well as how to determine the quality is imperative. There are several different factors that you’ll want to take into account.


If your instant canopy caves in on itself, it’s simply a waste of money. However, there are different levels of durability offered in instant canopies. Do you need a canopy that stays put for a day of selling wares? Are you looking to go to the beach where you need a canopy that can handle minor wind gusts? Would your instant canopy need to stay open and usable for multiple days in a row, through different weather conditions? Taking this into account allows you to make the wisest decision with your money.

Reinforced corners and specific forms of bolt locks can also keep your canopy in place but may require tools or additional people for assembly. These reinforcements often weigh more as well, which can make your pop-up canopy less useful.


Instant canopies can run up a bill. Commercial grade instant canopies can cost several hundred dollars, and require additions that can add to that price. If you just want a pop up to block the sun at the local soccer field, you don’t need to invest in a commercial canopy that was designed to stay put for several days.

The cost of the canopy is typically dependent on the materials, the durability, and extra features such as fireproofing or waterproofing. Canopies with reinforced stitching may also run a higher price. If you will regularly use your canopy, or use instant canopies in slightly turbulent weather conditions such as rain or wind gusts, you may want to invest in a more durable canopy.


There are indoor instant canopies and outdoor instant canopies. Typically, outdoor instant canopies have fire-resistant, water-resistant, or waterproof polyester or vinyl fabrics. These fabrics make a difference in durability, as well as the lifespan of your canopy. The weight of the fabric can often be determined by looking at the denier, however, that is not a statement about the strength of the fabric.

Poles are another important part of the instant canopy, especially when it comes to weight. Instant canopy poles are often either steel or aluminum. Steel poles are heavier, however, they are less likely to bend. Aluminum poles are lightweight but simultaneously are more easily damaged by adverse conditions or bad storage. Understanding the differences can help you pick the most appropriate pop-up canopy.


For convenience’s sake, it may be worthwhile to invest in a canopy that comes with a carrying case, ground stakes, or even sandbags. If these items are included in the price, they cater to the canopy and therefore you don’t risk having too many unnecessary items with you. Instant canopies are made for convenience, and therefore having an inconvenient amount of items would detract from your experience.


There is a difference between water-resistant and waterproof, and that comes into play with instant canopies. Do you need a waterproof canopy to block out all water, or do you merely need a canopy that doesn’t seep water? The difference between waterproof and water-resistant can become a difference in price point as well as a difference in weight.

Fire Resistance

There are several instant canopies that are fire-resistant. This is also another additive, like waterproofing, that may not be entirely necessary and could drive up your price point. If you’re using an instant canopy at a barbecue, for instance, it may be worthwhile to have a fire-resistant canopy to catch stray sparks. If you only want to use it on the beach, it may be an extra price point that you don’t need. Fire-resistant canopies are also often vinyl, which may not be the best material for your needs in certain situations.


More durable models of instant canopy may be heavier and therefore may not fit all of your needs. If you want to assemble an instant canopy by yourself, for example, it would help to have a lighter form of canopy. However, if you want an instant canopy that is less prone to be wind-blown, additional weight may help you. By evaluating what your needs are, you can determine whether you need or want the extra weight.


Larger instant canopies are typically more expensive. How big of a canopy do you really need? Typically, it’s suggested that you focus on giving ten to twelve square feet of space per person to achieve the most comfortable fit. This means that if you’d like to fit ten people comfortably under your instant canopy, you’d want to look into a 10 x 10 model.

Side Panels

Many instant canopies come already assembled with side panels, or have additions that you can put onto your canopy. These side panels are very useful for blocking out additional sunlight, but may also make the assembly process more difficult. If you aren’t assembling an instant canopy to last throughout the day, or you only want it to block some of the sunlight, extra paneling could be an extra inconvenience or extra expense. On the other hand, to truly block the sun, the panels could be a necessity.


Here are some frequently asked questions about instant canopies.

Why is my canopy waterproof or water-resistant when it can’t be in heavy rain?

Instant canopies may not be able to stand up to the weight of water as it collects on top of the canopy. Instant canopies are not dwellings or tents and are not typically created to stand as even semi-permanent structures. Water may pool in the corners of the canopy in particular, or weigh down the top panels, which can cause the canopy to collapse or break. However, if the water is not pooling on the canopy, waterproofing or water resistance will prevent items inside of the canopy from getting wet, which is an especially useful feature during light to moderate rainstorms.

How can I keep my canopy in place if there is wind?

Many instant canopies come with ground stakes, which secure the tent to the ground in light to moderate wind. However, for added weight, you can invest in sandbags to put on the feet of your instant canopy. This additional weight will keep your canopy from moving.

However, it’s typically recommended during heavier winds to take your instant canopy down, as the wind can cause it to collapse. If you need an instant canopy that can stand the pressure from the wind, make sure to keep intense durability in mind during your shopping. Some instant canopies can handle moderate wind, while others are not recommended for wind at all.

If your instant canopy has side flaps, it may be worthwhile to invest in ties to keep the side panels from blowing in the breeze. Some instant canopies come with these ties.


Instant canopies are a great form of protection from the elements when you’re outside. Picking the right instant canopy, however, can become difficult. When you’re looking to buy an instant canopy, keep in mind what you want it for. Because of the different uses for instant canopies, a canopy with three side panels and a fire-resistant roof may not be optimal for a day on the soccer field.

Our list covers a broad range of instant canopies for all uses. Whether you’re setting up a booth or you just want casual comfort on a hot day, you can find an instant canopy that fits your needs.

The most versatile canopy on this list is the Ohuhu Instant Shelter Canopy. It is fire-resistant, has one detachable wall, and is waterproof. The most durable canopy on this list is the Quik Shade Commercial C100 Instant Canopy. Its reinforcements make it most appropriate for longer periods of use. The economic choice for an instant canopy is the Quik Shade Expedition Instant Canopy. Its easy assembly and simultaneously low price make it perfect for a bargain shopper who appreciates quality.

Whichever instant canopy you choose, you can trust that the product will be quality. Having the right instant canopy allows you to better enjoy your day out. Give one of these great instant canopies a try at your next barbecue, beach day, farmer’s market, or sporting event.