5 Best Compound Bow Sights to Boost Performance & Accuracy

Compound Bow

To improve your aim with a compound bow, you will need to use the correct type of bow sight.

Looking for the right sight for your bow can be confusing, which is why we have put together this handy compound bow review and buying guide.

Our compound bow buying guide includes 100% unbiased reviews of the five best compound bow sights on the market.

In a Hurry? Here Are Our Top 3 Picks

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Reviews of the 5 Compound Bow Sights

Check out this list of reviews of the 5 best compound bow sights.

  1. TRUGLO Range-Rover PRO LED Bow Sight

  • ZERO-IN adjustment dial with more than 80 pre-marked yardage tapes (included) for simple setup;...
  • Black reference circle with lighted center dot for superior long distance accuracy; Adjustable LED...

For our pick for the best overall sight for compound bows we have selected the TRUGLO Range-Rover PRO LED Bow Sight.

It is indeed the professional option, and at the higher end of these kinds of sights, it certainly has the features that you want out of a good bow hunting sight. It is a versatile model that is used in hunting, archery, and paintball.

This bow sight uses a one or two dot system rather than using pins. Some users find that pins are too distracting, or that they accidentally focus on the wrong pin. With a dot system, it is easier for a lot of people to find and hit the target.


  • Has one dot or two dot options
  • Uses long-lasting LED lights
  • Is versatile enough to be used on a variety of bows
  • Uses dots instead of pins
  • Field of view is better than with pins
  • Increases accuracy


  • This sight may be too expensive for beginners

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  1. HHA Optimizer Sight 5519 1 Pin .019 RH

HHA OL-5519 Optimizer Lite .019 5500 Sight (Black)
  • Sight in at 20 & 60 yards and you're dialed in from 20 to 80, in 5 yard increments
  • Sight Housing: 1 5/8"

Our runner up for the best overall compound bow sight is this one-pin bow sight by HHA. It is a simple and effective design that is easy to adjust for accuracy. The green ring around the sight is great for quickly focusing your eyes on the target.

It is made out of lightweight aluminum which is a great material for sights because it is sturdy but not too heavy. Making adjustments on this sight is a breeze and it requires no tools to use. You can also adjust the brightness of the ring, allowing it to be optimized for different lighting.


  • Has one sight for a less cluttered field of view
  • Adjustable sight brightness
  • Easy to make adjustments
  • Absorbs vibrations


  • If it gets wet it could rust so it needs to be kept dry

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  1. Trophy Ridge Volt 5 Pin Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge Volt 5 Pin Bow Sight, Black
  • Five ultra-bright .019” medium horizontal fiber optic pins for ultimate visibility
  • Offset mounting holes for added customizability

Trophy Ridge produces a variety of high-quality bow sights. This one comes with five pins which is a good median number of pins for most people. Mounting the sight on your bow is breeze with the mounting system included, and is easily customizable.

It has a green sight to help you focus your eyes faster on the target. Another useful feature is how there is a bubble level on the bow sight in addition to the bright pins. It can be adjusted for left and right handed users.


  • Easy to install
  • Customizable
  • Left or right handed
  • Bright fiber optic pins
  • Reduces vibrations


  • Some people may find five pins crowds their field of view

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  1. TOPOINT ARCHERY 3 Pin Bow Sight

3 Pin Bow Sight - Fiber, Brass Pin, Aluminum...
  • Material:6061-T6 aluminum
  • Fiber optic diameter:0.029"

This aluminum bow sight has three fiber optic pins that help you find your target in all light conditions with ease. You can easily make adjustments for windage and the elevation using the markings on the sight. Another benefit of this sight is the bubble level.

It is a lightweight yet sturdy design that mounts easily on most bows. It can be adjusted for both right and left-handed bows. The leveling system uses two bars, unlike some of the other bow sights which use dials. This is our pick for the best budget choice.


  • Easy to level
  • Has markings for windage & elevation
  • Lightweight and sturdy aluminum
  • Three pins
  • Fiber optics for all lighting conditions
  • Good for beginners


  • This pin sight is very simple and straight to the point without extra features

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  1. Trophy Ridge React Pro Sight with React Technology and Tool-less Micro-Click Adjustments

Trophy Ridge React Pro Sight with React Technology...
  • Solid 6061 aluminum construction
  • Micro-click windage and Elevation adjustments

This Trophy Ridge bow sight is made for professional bowhunters who are looking for the best of the best. It is outfitted with five fiber optic pins that work great in all lighting. The react technology is what sets this Trophy Ridge bow sight apart.

It is a powerful tool for improving your aim and accuracy, and can be optimized for use on both a left or right handed bow. It is made out of the highest quality materials including stainless steel and aluminum.

You can adjust the brightness of the pins, and make adjustments for the windage and elevation with ease.


  • Trophy Ridge React Pro technology
  • Easy to make adjustments
  • Super accurate
  • Bright, adjustable pins
  • Premium design and materials


  • This bow sight may be too pricey for beginners

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Buying Guide

When shopping for a bow sight it can be easy to be overwhelmed by the many options. There are so many different types of bow sights available for compound bows, so how do you determine which is the best one?

We believe that the best way to figure out what is the best compound bow sight for you is to compare and contrast the features available on the best-selling models.

Features To Consider When Shopping For the Best Compound Bow Sight

Thinking about the following features can help you narrow down the options while shopping for a compound bow sight. There are a few main things to consider when looking for the right sight for a compound bow.

Here is a list of the features of bow sights that you should take into consideration when looking for the best compound bow sight for yourself.

What Kind of Bow Sight Is It

Whether a pin bow sight or a dot bow sight is better depends on your personal preferences. There are pros and cons to pin bow sights and to dot bow sights. In this section of the buying guide, we will delve deeper into the main differences between pin bow sights and dot bow sights so you can figure out which one is best for you.

Digital Sights

When it comes to digital sights there are some pros and cons, but many people agree that it is best of both worlds. Digital sights are on the more expensive side and are usually purchased by people who are very serious about improving their bowhunting.

There are a number of benefits to a digital bow sight instead of a traditional bow sight, but for most people it is not worth the high price tag.


  • All in one package
  • Works in all lighting
  • Very convenient


  • More expensive than a traditional bow sight
  • Uses electricity

Pin Bow Sights

Pin bow sights are great for target practice and for improving the accuracy of high angle shots. Some people find that too many pins can obstruct the field of view, which is why these are best for practice.

There are single pin sights available that can solve the problem of having too many distractions.

Pin bow sights come in a lot of variations. Some of the post popular pin sights will have either one, three, five, or seven pins. Here is a list of the pros and cons of each.

One Pin Sight

If you are looking for a sight that helps you get a clean accurate shot, a one pin sight is a great choice. For difficult shots, a one pin sight is an amazing tool. However, for close-up shots, you will not have time to adjust the single pin.


  • Unobstructed field of vision
  • Helps you make difficult shots
  • Most precise


  • Requires a lot of practice to get it right

Three Pin Sight

Three pin sights are popular because they are a good medium. They do not have so many pins that they cloud your field of view, but there are also enough pins that you do not have to adjust the sight as much for each shot.

If you need more than one pin, but do not want to overdo it, go for a bow sight with three to four pins.


  • Not too many or too little pins
  • Unobstructed field of view
  • Probably the most popular
  • Make shots at multiple distances sequentially


  • Hard to do accurate follow-up shots

Five Pin Sight

In between the three and seven pin sights are the five pin sights. For target practice, a higher number of pins makes sense. For hunting, having less pins obstructing your field of view is ideal.


  • Great for target practice and bowhunting
  • Improves long-distance shots
  • Makes good follow-up shots


  • The size of the pins starts to matter more

Seven Pin Sight

Seven pin sights have the most opportunities for a blind spot because all of the pins can obstruct your view. However, they also have the most customizable options for improving your accuracy. For target practice, seven pin sights are a great option.


  • Best choice for target practice
  • Great for long range shooting


  • Not good for bowhunting
  • Can obscure your vision

Is the Compound Bow Sight Easy to Install?

When you open your package and receive your new bow sight, you will then need to mount it on your bow. You will want to take the mounting process into consideration while you are shopping for your bow sight.

If the bow sight is not properly mounted it may shake or move, and it will not help improve your accuracy.

If you are unsure of how to install your bow sight on your compound bow, you can try calling the manufacturer. If it is a reputable company they may have customer care representatives that can give you tips for mounting that particular bow sight.

There are also visual aids online such as video tutorials that can help you with the installation process.

How Do You Make Adjustments on the Compound Bow Sight?

On bow sights there are a series of tools that can be used to improve your accuracy. Adjustments should be made for both the wind and the elevation of the sight. Bow sights are great for improving the accuracy of shots that are at difficult angles.

Examples of the types of controls that are typically found on bow sights that adjust the elevation and windage are either dials or levers.

Moving a metal bar vertically up and down is one adjustment method that is commonly found on the more budget-friendly models. More advanced bow sights typically use more complicated systems for making adjustments.


Bow sights need to be a combination of both sturdy and lightweight. A larger and heavier bow can handle a larger and heavier bow sight. For a smaller bow you should look for a more lightweight bow sight.

Common materials used in the construction of compound bow sights include metals such as aluminum and stainless steel. Aluminum is very lightweight and is a great material for sights because it is durable enough to withstand some abuse without weighing down the bow.

Stainless steel mechanisms are also a great feature for bow sights. Stainless steel is heavier than aluminum, but it is also a lot stronger. A high-quality finish also goes a long way to keeping the bow sight looking sharp as well as performing great.


When shopping for a high-quality compound bow sight, you can cut through the cheap knock-offs by sticking to shopping with trustworthy brands.

Examples of some of the best brands are TRUGLO, TOPOINT, and Trophy Ridge. Some of the benefits of shopping with a reputable brand is that they usually have better customer care and they also use top of the line materials in the construction of their products.

You should avoid cheap knock-off versions of the major brands. Accuracy is essential for a compound bow sight to work correctly, which is why you should not even bother with cheap knock-offs.

There are affordable bow sights available from many of the major brands that are suitable for beginners or those who are looking to try out a sight before investing in an expensive one.


If the bow sight uses LED lights or another kind of fiber optics, you may need to provide batteries for the sight. Most bow sights will include the batteries with the purchase, but this is not always the case.

If you are purchasing the bow sight that uses batteries for the lighting, you will want to make sure that either it comes with a battery or that you order the right one to go along with it.

If you have to replace the battery often it will be a pain, which is why it is best for you to select a bow sight that does not use a lot of energy. LED lights are very effective at staying lit for a very long time while using very little energy.

Make sure that replacement batteries will be easily available for order if necessary.


When shopping for a compound bow sight, you should look at what warranty options are available from the manufacturer. Some companies will include a lifetime warranty on the product which will protect your purchase from parts defects.

Other companies give you a window of around 30 days to report something wrong with the product.

Knowing the details of the warranty options available to you will benefit you in the long run. Check with the customer service department of the manufacturer if you are unsure about the warranty or return policy on one of their products.

A reputable and trustworthy company will be happy to help.

3 Tips For Using Bow Sights

Bow sights have become increasingly popular among archers and hunters as their technology advances, but are bow sights worth the high dollar amounts?

In fact, bow sights are an incredible tool for improving the accuracy of each of your shots both in the field and during target practice. Here are some tips for how you can use a bow sight to improve your performance.

1: Practice Makes Perfect

Whether you are an experienced bowhunter or you are just getting started with your first bow sight, practice is essential for getting it right.

Because all bow sights use slightly different mechanisms for adjustments, you will want to figure that all out before going bowhunting or to a target competition. Don’t be afraid to shoot your shot over and over again until you get it right because all of that practice will pay off in the long run.

2: Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Most archery-related accidents occur because people are not paying attention. When using a new bow sight it may take some time to get used to, so you want to make sure that there is ample room for your shots to miss the first couple times.

3: Tool-Free Adjustments Are Better

In most cases the tool-free sights are better. Having to carry around additional tools to adjust the sight is not functional when hunting.


Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about compound bow sights.

Is there a difference between a compound bow sight and regular bow sights?

The only difference between a compound bow sight and a bow sight for another type of bow may be in the size or the mounting of the bow sight.

The bow sights that are best-selling on the market are generally pretty versatile and will work with almost any bow that is normal-sized. For bows for teenagers you may need a smaller bow sight.

Are compound bow sights with pins or with dots best?

Whether or not a bow sight with pins or dots is best is up to the archer or hunter. While having more pins is better in some circumstances, some people find that the more pins there are the easier it is to accidentally focus on the wrong one.

Limiting the number of pins to three or five is a good median for most people.

The benefit of using a bow sight with dots instead of a bow sight with pins is that the field of view is usually wider and less obstructed. The more pins there are the more opportunities there are for a blind spot to be created. Lots of pins work best for long-range shooting and for target practice.


Compound bows are a popular modern bow used in hunting and archery. Using a compound bow sight is a great way to easily improve your accuracy.

We recommend the TRUGLO Range-Rover PRO LED Bow Sight as our best overall pick for the best compound bow sight. It has premium design features that you will love.

If you want a bow sight at a lower price point, there are some great budget options available. Without all the frills, the TOPOINT ARCHERY 3 Pin Bow Sight works great all the same.

Comparing and contrasting all of the features of these and the other best-selling compound bow sights is a great way to determine which bow sight is the best for you.