Best Compound Bow Cases To Protect Your Gear

Compound bows are popular among hunters, archers, and sportsmen because they offer the same power as traditional bows, but with a smaller and more portable size.

You are going to need the right case, and our unbiased reviews can help.

In addition to our detailed compound bow case buying guide, we have also put together a list of the best compound bow cases that are currently on the market.

In a Hurry? Here Are Our Top 3 Picks

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Reviews of the 5 Best Compound Bow Cases

Our compound bow case reviews are 100% unbiased and we only include the best models.

  1. Plano Mil-Spec Fieldlocker Compound Bow Case

Plano Mil-Spec Fieldlocker Compound Bow Case
  • PLANO BOW CASES | Protecting your passion since 1952
  • DIMENSIONS | Interior Dimensions: 43.7 in L x 16.14 in W x 5.90 H | Exterior Dimension: 46.45 in L x...

The Mil-Spec Fieldlocker Compound Bow Case is our pick for the best overall compound bow that is currently on the market. It is made out of sturdy, high-quality materials that are made to stand the test of time, and it is outfitted with several features that make it of higher quality than the competition. This is a military grade compound bow case.

On the inside of the hard case is soft foam that keeps the bow and accessories nicely padded. The size of the bow case is not as small as some of the others on the market because it does provide extra padding, but it has a long flat design that will fit well in tight spaces. There are wheels on the bottom of the carrying case so you can easily move it around without tiring out your arms.


  • Hard outside with padding inside for military grade protection
  • Wheels on the bottom make it easy to move
  • Made by a USA-based company since 1952
  • Keeps out moisture and the elements


  • Larger and heavier than some other compound bow cases

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  1. Allen Company – Compound Bow Case

Allen Company Nightshade Compound Bow Case 41...
  • This case is specifically designed for compound bows
  • It has modern colors, lines, and graphics

Allen Company is a good source of compound bow cases and hunting accessories which is why you will find many of their products included in our compound bow buying guides and reviews. This yellow, green, and tan case is our choice for the runner up best compound bow case. It is made out of lightweight and sturdy materials and has ample storage pockets.

This case is good mid-range price for both beginner and professional hunters, archers, and sportsmen. It has an attractive appearance unlike some of the more basic bulky and black bow cases. There is a pocket for your arrows and quivers, and a shoulder strap/handle for easy carrying.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • High-quality materials
  • Attractive modern colors
  • Eight large, lined pockets
  • One of the largest in this series


  • The velcro straps that hold it in place may not be secure enough for heavier bows

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  1. Legend – Apollo Compound Bow Case

Legend Apollo Travel Compound Bow Case - Soft...
  • ✅ PROTECT YOUR BOW - Keep your compound bow safe during travel, storage or while in the field. The...
  • ✅ UNRIVALED STORAGE - The Apollo compound bow case features the most pockets of any premium bow...

One of the best things about this Apollo compound bow case by Legend is that it comes in a bunch of different colors including blue, purple, and green. The inside is outfitted with foam to keep it safe. When it comes to fabric bow cases, it is important to make sure that the case is waterproof, which this Legend case is.

It is a lightweight and portable design despite being made out of sturdy, weather-proof materials. The shoulder strap is padded to keep you comfortable while you carry the bow around. There are a lot of storage features on this compound bow case as well, including some accessory hooks and loops, along with zippered pockets.


  • Good zippers
  • Lots of storage for accessories
  • Variety of colors available
  • Waterproof outer shell
  • Foam padding on the inside
  • Padded shoulder strap


  • Not as sturdy as a hard case

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  1. Allen Company – Compound Bow Case, Black Gear Fit X

Compound Bow Case, Black Gear Fit X Fits Compound...
  • Fits bows up to 35 inches axle to axle
  • Includes a total of 10 accessory pockets

This Allen Company black compound bow case is simple and effective. It is made out of high-quality materials and is outfitted with ten storage compartments for accessories. The inner strap system works well to keep the bow in place within the case so it doesn’t move around and risk damaging the string.

It is easy to carry the case around with the strap or handle. You can also easily remove the padded shoulder strap if it is getting in your way. The outside of the case is waterproof to prevent damage from the elements, and the inner pockets are also reinforced with soft protective lining.


  • Ten pockets for arrows and accessories
  • The compound bow securely straps down with a tie system
  • The pockets and interior are softly lined
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Removable padded shoulder strap


  • Only comes in one color

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  1. Plano Protector Compact Bow Case

Plano Protector Compact Bow Case (Black)
  • Plano Molding | Protecting your passion since 1952
  • Lockable and airline approved bowcase

Our recommendation for the best budget pick is the Plano Protector Compact Bow Case. Compared with the military grade case manufactured by this same company, they both are made with the same heavy-duty hard outer casing. There is foam outfitted within the case to keep the bow safely in place during travel.

This case is a more compact size than the Plano military grade case, and is also a more lightweight design. While the grip on the handle has finger-shaped indentations to make it more comfortable, the plastic handle is less comfortable to carry for a long time than a case with a soft shoulder strap.


  • Hard outside with foam inside keeps the bow safe
  • Made out of heavy-duty, long-lasting materials
  • Manufactured by a USA based company since 1952
  • Simple, effective, and affordable
  • There is arrow storage in the lid


  • Not great for carrying for a long time because of the hard plastic handle

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Buying Guide

If you love bowhunting and are looking for the best compound bow case for your next hunting trip, our handy buying guides can help. Comparing and contrasting the features of the best compound bow cases that are currently on the market can help you determine what features you might want to look for in your own compound bow case.

In this section of the article we will go into further detail about each of the features that you should consider when shopping for a compound bow case, such as price, material, storage, and brand.

Features to Consider When Shopping For the Best Compound Bow Case

When it comes to shopping for a case there may be an overwhelming amount of options available to you. To get straight to the best products, think about what features you need before making your decision. The color, shape, size, and brand of the compound bow case are all up to you.

What the Compound Bow Case Looks Like

While the function of the case is the most important part, sometimes the appearance has everything to do with how the case works. There are both soft and hard shell cases, and they come in different shapes and sizes. You should consider everything from the color to the style of your case to figure out which is the best one for you.


A lot of cases come in a simple black color. The military grade hard shell compound bow cases by Plano are all basic black. The soft Nylon carrying bags made by other manufacturers come in a larger variety of colors. You can find carrying cases for compound bows in everything from camo to hot pink.


One of the benefits of compound bows is that they are a smaller size, and hence a more lightweight construction than other types of bows. Since that is the case, it makes sense that carrying cases for compound bows should also strive for this same portability. There are compact bow cases and larger bow cases available.


The shape is important for how it will fit in your hunting stand, car, or garage. For storage, a long and thin box like the Plano military compound bow case may be easiest. The soft bow cases that are shaped like the bow and have a less dense foam/outer shell may be harder to store without risking damaging the bow.

Hard or Soft Case

There are benefits to both the hard and soft case designs. The hard outer shell is ideal for protecting the compound bow from any sort of damage, whereas the soft cases are easier to carry around for longer. The soft cases also come in more color variations than the simple black military grade.

How Well the Compound Bow Case Protects Your Bow and Arrows

The most important thing that the compound bow case does is protect your bow and arrows. Some cases do little to protect the bow beyond that of a basic backpack or carrying bag. If you want the compound bow to be safely stored within the case there are a few things to consider. Here is a list of the features that affect how protected your bow and arrows are:

  • The Outer Material

The material that protects the outside of the case is very important. If it is made out of plastic or another hard material it will need to seal tightly with pressurized locks to ensure that moisture does not get inside. If the outer material is a soft fabric, it will need extra foam on the inside to protect the bow. It also will need to be weather-proof to keep the elements from damaging the inside of the case.

  • The Inner Lining

Inside the main compartment of the compound bow case should have a soft lining. If the material is harsh it may scratch, dent, or otherwise damage the bow, string, or arrows. A soft inner lining is essential to keeping your bow and all your accessories safe.

  • Foam or Straps

Inside of the case the compound bow will typically either rest within dense foam that cradles the bow to keep it safe, or it will be strapped in place with velcro so that it does not move around. Foam is usually more effective at keeping the bow safe.

Portability and Storage

One of the benefits of a compound bow over other traditional bows is that it is more portable. The case should also be very portable. Here are a few things that you should consider about the portability and storage options:

How Do You Carry the Compound Bow Case

Some cases are just for storage. If you are looking for a storage case for your bow that you can also carry with you in the field, consider the following options.

  • Compound Bow Cases with Shoulder Straps

Soft, padded shoulder straps are best for carrying the case for a long-time. Sometimes the shoulder straps are also removable which is a nice option for storage.

  • Compound Bow Cases with Handles

Lifting the case will be easiest with comfortable handles. Most compound bow cases with shoulder straps are also outfitted with at least one handle as well.

  • Compound Bow Cases with Wheels

The only cases with wheels that we have found have been the military grade hard shell cases. These offer the highest level of protection for the bow and arrows, and usually have the highest price tags.

What Kind of Storage Does the Compound Bow Case Have

If you are planning on using the compound bow case to also store your sight, arrows, and other accessories then you will want to consider what kind of storage the compound bow case has. There could be different types of storage within the case or on the outside of the case.

Types of Compound Bow Case Storage

Here is a list of the types of storage found in compound bow cases.

  • Accessories

While you are hunting or practicing with your bow, you may at times need accessories. Compound bow accessories that you may want to consider storage for are your arrows, sight, or rangefinder.

  • Arrows

Keeping all or some of your arrows in your case makes sense. Most compound bow cases will include places for your arrows to go either inside or outside of the bow case. If it doesn’t have storage for arrows you can use a separate quiver.

  • Main Compartment

The main compartment is where the compound bow will sit within the carrying case. Some main compartments are padded with high density foam which cradles the bow, whereas other carrying cases may only have weak velcro straps to hold the bow in place. You will want to consider what features are in the main compartment of the compound bow case.

  • Pockets

Pockets are undoubtedly useful. You can use them to store your arrowheads, rangefinders, and other accessories. You may also want to use the pockets to store snacks, towels, or valuables. The pockets should have a soft lining to protect any valuables.

  • Inner storage

Things that are stored on the inside of the carrying case may be more thoroughly protected, but they won’t be as easily reachable as the pockets on the outside of the bag. The cases with the hard outer shell usually only have inner storage and do not have outer pockets like the Nylon bags.

  • Outer storage

Storage compartments on the outside of the bag are easy to reach, making them a good place to store extra arrows and hunting accessories. A lot of cloth cases come with up to ten different storage pockets on the outside and inside of the bag. It is important that the outer storage pockets have high-quality zippers that will not get stuck, and also will protect your things from the elements.

What Brand Manufactures the Best Compound Bow Cases

If you want to skip past cheap knock off products and get right to the best ones, we recommend starting by looking at reputable brands. Here are a few of the best compound bow case brands and manufacturers currently. Many of these manufacturer’s compound bow cases are included in our compound bow buying guides.

Allen Company

For a lightweight compound bow case one of the best manufacturers is Allen Company. They sell a variety of compound bow cases that have many great features. One of the best things about Allen Company brand bow cases is that they come in many modern colors.

Allen Company has lightweight and sturdy Nylon carrying cases for compound bows that are outfitted with soft, padded carrying straps. If you plan on carrying your bow case around with you on your person, then you should check out the lightweight compound bow carrying cases by Allen Company.


Plano creates military grade compound bow cases. They are one of the best sources of hard shell cases that you can find for compound bows. The inside of their compound bow cases are lined with a patented high density foam that is very effective at both holding the bow in place and keeping it safe from damage if the case is dropped or jostled in transport.

This is a USA-based company and they have a great customer support team. They offer a satisfaction guarantee of their products so you can rest-assure that each case is of high-quality construction.

Warranties and Return Policies

One feature to keep in mind when you are shopping for a bow case is warranties. If you purchase a product as is, you will not be able to return it if it does not fit your bow or if there is something wrong with it. The reputable companies mentioned in this buying guide offer a return policy generally of 30-days, but this can vary.

Some products may also include warranties which protect your purchase from parts defects and finish defects. Purchasing a case with a warranty is the best way to ensure that the product is delivered exactly as promised. If you are unsure about the warranty options available to you, try giving the customer service department of the manufacturer a call to find out more.


Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about compound bow cases.

What is a Compound Bow?

Compound bows are a modern invention that first arose in the 1960’s. Compound bows are often shorter than other bows and use a system of pulleys to propel the arrow towards the target. They are able to deliver the same power as other types of bows, and are a smaller more portable size.

What is the Best Compound Bow Case?

The best compound bow cases are the right size for your particular bow, have plenty of storage compartments, and are made out of high-quality materials. Other features that you should look for when shopping for a case is whether or not the product comes with a warranty or any type of customer support. Purchasing the compound bow case from a reputable sports brand is the best way to ensure that your purchase is protected and the product is high-quality


If you are looking for the best compound bow case, we recommend Plano bow cases. They make military-grade, top of the line compound bow cases such as the Plano Mil-Spec Fieldlocker Compound Bow Case and they also feature a compact budget version at a fraction of the price.

If you prefer a soft case that is easy to carry with a padded shoulder strap, you should take a look at the compound bow cases offered by Allen Company. They are made out of waterproof Nylon and have lots of storage. For your next hunting trip, be prepared with a high-quality carrying case for your compound bow.