5 Best Air Loungers for Maximum Comfort Outdoors

Air loungers are portable sofas that you can bring with you on vacations, camping trips, or to the backyard to enjoy a comfortable place to sit outside.

Many air loungers can be blown up using just the wind outside, making them a convenient way to relax on your next vacation.

In this handy buying guide we provide a list of the five best air loungers on the market as well as tips for what features you should consider when shopping for an air lounger.

In a Hurry? Here Are Our Top 3 Picks

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Reviews of the Five Best Air Loungers

We only review the very best high-quality products that are currently available on the market. Each of these air loungers are high-rated, with a few differences between them that really make them stand out.

Comparing and contrasting the features of the best air loungers can help you figure out which one is best for you.

1. WEKAPO Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa

Wekapo Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa...
  • ✔ EASY INFLATION-No pump required. Just whisk it through the air to inflate. The little trick is...
  • ✔ UNIQUE PILLOW SHAPED HEADREST DESIGN- WEKAPO air lounger has patented pillow shaped headrest...

This is one of the best air loungers for camping trips and beach vacations. It is a simple, streamlined design that comes in a bunch of different colors. It is very functional and allows you to sit comfortably with a friend or even lie down.

If you are tired of sitting on the hard ground outdoors, using this air lounger allows you to lounge comfortably on all of your outdoor adventures.

There is even a comfortable inflatable pillow/headrest built-in to the lounger to give you better support for your neck and shoulders. In addition to being made out of high-quality materials that are meant to last, there are a few design features that set this lounger air sofa apart from the others.

It does not use an air pump to inflate and is very easy to set up. This is one of the best things about it. It is also outfitted with a mesh pocket for your things. It collapses to a compact size and can be conveniently transported in the matching bag which is included. We have rated this air lounger as best overall.


  • Easy to inflate without a pump
  • Comes with a carrying bag and extra accessories
  • Designed to never deflate
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Unique patented WEKAPO design


  • This is not the best lounger for sunbathing as you will sink into it no matter how you are sitting

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2. AlphaBeing Inflatable Lounger

AlphaBeing Inflatable Lounger - Best Air Lounger...
  • Easy Inflation Design -- No pump required for AlphaBeing air lounger. Just a few scoops of air and...
  • Anti-Deflation Technology -- Love the idea of an inflatable couch but hate the idea of constantly...

One of the best things about air loungers is that they usually do not require a pump to be inflated. All you need to do for this air lounger is “scoop” up the air.

This is best done outdoors, which is why although this air lounger can be used indoors, it really shines when it comes to relaxing outdoors whether that is camping, at the pool, in the pool, or any other outdoor adventure.

A few of the features that set this air lounger apart is the built in bottle opener for opening drinks on the go, a convenient storage bag included, and a pocket on the side so that your belongings such as a book or a cell phone can be close by.

This air lounger can even be used as a pool toy. It is a versatile piece of inflatable furniture that has many uses. It is made out of 100% waterproof materials so you can feel confident using this air sofa at the lake, pool, or beach.


  • No pump required to inflate
  • Supports 400 lbs
  • Stays inflated longer
  • Has more pockets and storage
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed


  • Without a pump, it would be hard to inflate this air lounger for use in an office

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3. YXwin Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa Hammock

YXwin Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa Hammock, 440lb...
  • 【Easy to Inflate & 440lb Bearing Capacity】Feeling tired of the boring time? Just carry our weigh...
  • 【Four Guarantee Anti-leak Design】You will enjoy our air lounger worry free: 1.Double pocket air...

Unlike other air loungers, this air sofa has two intake chambers for air, which makes it faster and easier to inflate than air loungers that have a single intake chamber for air (which is most of them).

For this reason, this is one of the best air loungers you can get. A few other features that stand out about this air lounger are the accessories such as the built-in pockets and bottle opener. If you are looking for an affordable air lounger, this one is our best budget pick.

For your electronics, books, and other valuables there are two large pockets that will keep them safe and dry. The fabric of the air lounger is waterproof and is designed to be extra-stretchy so that objects can not easily break the surface and cause the lounger to deflate.

You can use this air lounger anywhere and it is outfitted with a bottle opener and drink holder to help facilitate your fun time. The pillow is very comfortable on this model of air lounger and perfectly supports your neck and shoulders.

This is a high-quality and capacity air lounger that holds 440 lbs and will stay inflated for up to six hours at a time.


  • No pump required to inflate
  • Supports 440 lbs
  • Material is extra-stretchy to prevent rips
  • Two large storage pockets
  • Drink opener and drink holder


  • Only comes in one color

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4. CAMPERS LAIR 2020 Upgraded Inflatable Air Lounger

CAMPERS LAIR 2020 Upgraded Inflatable Air Lounger:...
  • 🤘【Upgraded Unique Neck & Back Support Design】 Your Air Hammock has a unique breathable mesh...
  • 💪【Military-Grade Five Anti-leak Guarantees】 Your Inflatable Hammock has: 1. Two air chambers...

For camping and other outdoor activities this is one of the best air loungers that is on the market. Luckily it also comes in a bunch of colors so that you can find one that also matches your personal style.

One of the best features about this air lounger is how it is outfitted with two pockets and one of them has a lock to keep your valuables safe.

The other mesh pocket allows you to easily grab your things when most convenient for you. The size and build of this air lounger make it one of the most comfortable. It is wider than most air loungers and the headrest is very comfortable for resting and sleeping.

Like some of the other high-quality air loungers on the market this model is outfitted with two air chambers which helps it fill up faster and stay inflated longer.

All of the materials used in the construction are top of the line and this product is made to last. It is a very portable design as well and deflates to a compact and lightweight size for transport.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Bigger and more comfortable than other best-selling loungers
  • Two air chambers for faster inflation
  • You do not need an air pump
  • Inflatable head rest supports neck and shoulders
  • You can take it anywhere with you
  • Last 5-8 hours


  • The lock does not prevent someone from cutting open the valuables pocket


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5. Rukket Sports Glow-Nana Inflatable Lounger

Rukket Sports Glow-Nana Inflatable Lounger, Blow...
  • NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH SALE - Create A Beacon Of Leisure: The Glow-Nana air lounger is the ultimate...
  • LIGHT UP THE NIGHT: We added LED lights to illuminate the air lounger creating a beacon of comfort...

If you have been looking for an air lounger that comes in unique colors and prints, this may be the one for you. Rukket Sports is one of the most trusted manufacturers of sports goods, and this air lounger is no exception to the standard of quality that you can expect for them. This air lounger is great for kids, but is also large enough for adults.

It has a night light feature that sets it apart from all the other air loungers on the market. For camping and other night time outdoor activities this one of the best inflatable loungers.

This is a good air lounger for kids, air lounger for camping, and air lounger for sleeping. It has LED lights installed which are comforting for both adults and children during the night.

For camping trips this LED light inflatable sofa bed may be a lifesaver when it comes to getting kids to relax. For adults this lounger is amazing for festivals in addition to being the perfect lounger for taking on a camping trip.

You can use this inflatable lounger at the beach as well as on camping trips, and when deflated it breaks down to a convenient portable size.


  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Has more fun prints and colors than other loungers
  • Is great for kids and adults
  • You do not need an air pump
  • Portable, compact design
  • Great for festivals


  • LED lights are not waterproof so this can not go in water

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Buying Guide

In this section we will give an overview of the features that you should be looking for when shopping for an air lounger. When you begin to look for the best air lounger you may quickly find that you are oversaturated with options.

In order to help you narrow down the options and find the best air lounger for yourself, we have put together this handy buying guide.

Now that we have gone over some reviews for the best products that are currently available in the market, we will delve deeper into what features you should be considering when shopping for an air lounger for camping and other outdoor activities.


One of the first things that you may want to consider when shopping for an air lounger is the price. A high-quality air lounger can cost anywhere between $30-$100, but we have included some in our reviews that are even more affordable if that is above your budget.

Here is a list of the features that will have an affect on the price of the air lounger.


The brand of the product may have an effect on the price. While you never want to pay exclusively for a brand name, some of the benefits that come along with purchasing a well-known or luxury brand at a higher price is that there is better customer care, the product is usually made out of higher quality materials, and you may get better warranty options with your purchase.


When you purchase an air lounger you want to make sure that you are paying for quality above any of the other features. If the air lounger is made out of poor quality materials it may easily deflate and not even be worth your time.

It is always a good idea to invest in a product that is at least mid-range in price instead of going for the cheapest replica. There are knock-off versions of the best-selling products on the market that are made out of lower-quality materials and you really want to try to avoid these.


Air loungers are typically only made to fit between one and three people at a time, although this can vary. The amount of people who can sit on the air lounger is typically indicated by what the weight capacity is.

If the lounger can hold about 400 lbs, that means that only two people who are 200 lbs each can rest on it.

However, three people who are 125 lbs could also sit on the same lounger. For a larger lounger, more material will be needed in the construction which is why you can expect to pay more depending on how large the lounger is and how many people who plan on fitting in it. If you plan on sleeping in the lounger you definitely want to consider the size.


When shopping for an air lounger you will find that there are a list of common features that air loungers have. One of the main things to keep in mind is what kind of storage the air lounger has.

Extra storage, bottle openers, accessories, storage bags, and LED lighting are all examples of extra features that may be included with your air lounger and will affect the price as each of these features costs money to make and integrate with the design.


When shopping for an air lounger keep in mind that they come in all sorts of colors. You can express your personal style through your air lounger. If you like to keep things basic, there are plain black and other neutral colors that are available.

On the other end of the spectrum, you can enjoy bright prints and colors that will stand out at festivals or on the beach. Kids may especially love an air lounger with a bright colorful print.


The material of the air lounger will have an effect on the price, quality, and longevity of the air lounger. You want to shop exclusively for air loungers that are made out of high-quality material.

Only shopping with trusted and well-known brands is one way to make sure that the air lounger is made of high-quality materials. You may also check the manufacturer’s website to find out more about their process for developing the fabric and other materials for the lounger.

Here are the two things to consider about the materials:


Preferably the air lounger will be made out of extremely strong and stretchy material. The stretchiness is important, because if the material is too taut then it will pop easily when an object pokes it. Having some stretchiness to the fabric will help it to stretch rather than break when put under pressure.


For trips to the beach, lake, or pool you may want to double-check to make sure that the materials are waterproof. Some air loungers are even able to be taken in the pool.

Most of the air loungers on the market for outdoor use are made out of completely waterproof materials, although some may feature pockets made out of non-waterproof materials such as mesh so you will need to be mindful of keeping your valuables dry.


If you are shopping for an air lounger you should think about all the features that are available. While it may be tempting to go for an air lounger that has every possible feature, if you aren’t going to use it, why spend the extra money or lose that extra storage?

Take a look at the top features that are usually included with air loungers and decide which ones you want for yourself before you shop for your air lounger.


You can have pockets and other storage built-into the air lounger This is convenient in almost any setting. One of the best things about the pocket is that you can keep your phone or a book close by and reach it conveniently.

That is why you should consider not only how many pockets the air lounger has for storage, but also how large the pockets are and how conveniently placed they are on the design.

Drink Accessories

Whether you prefer a cold beer or a bottle of water, many air loungers make it possible to easily carry your drink with you. A lot of times rather than a full drink holder the air lounger will be outfitted with a sort of strap that keeps the drink in place.

Another common drink accessory that is found on air loungers is a bottle opener. This accessory is a favorite among beer-drinkers, and also is handy for camping trips.


While this is a less common feature for air loungers, there are some that come outfitted with LED lighting. The benefit of this is that you can use the lounger as a nightlight when you go to bed on camping trips, or you can sit out on a dark beach, or at a festival. LED lighting can also simply look cool which is a perfectly valid reason to go for it.

If you want an air lounger with LED lighting, be aware that you most likely will not be able to take that lounger into the water without risking shorting out the lights.


You should not fail to take into consideration how the air lounger inflates either. Most air loungers do not require an air pump and instead use the natural air to fill up the chamber.

There are lots of youtube videos and other online resources that visually illustrate how to properly inflate an air lounger. Many say that an air lounger with two compartments or air chambers is better than one that has only one air chamber.


Air loungers from trusted manufacturers often come with a free warranty. The average warranty may extend from thirty days to a lifetime and will cover your purchase by guaranteeing your money back or a new product if there is a factory defect, shipping damages, or some other problem with the product.

Purchasing a product with a warranty ensures your continued peace of mind when purchasing the product. Understanding how warranties work can help you be a smarter shopper.


In this buying guide we have gone over the features to look for when shopping for an air lounger, a list of the best air loungers, and a comparison of their features. In this next section of the buying guide, here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about air loungers.

What is an air lounger?

Air loungers are the grown up version of an inflatable sofa for kids, and you can take them with you camping and on other outdoor adventures to have a comfortable spot for “lounging” or even sleeping.

With a convenient, waterproof inflatable lounger such as the ones included in this buying guide, it has never been easier to sit back and relax at the lake, pool, or any other outdoor destination. You can take them with you on camping trips and use them instead of a sleeping bag for a comfortable bed.

Where can you use an air lounger?

One of the things that people love most about investing in an air lounger is how versatile they are. Whether you are going to the beach or the mountains, your personal air lounger can come in handy.

If you want to get the best results out of your air lounger you should opt for the highest-quality models on the market that will not easily wear and tear and are easy to set up.

The air loungers in this buying guide can be used on camping trips, lake trips, beach trips, and pools trips. Some of them can even go in the pool, float, and be used as a pool toy.


In conclusion, our top pick for the best air lounger would have to be the WEKAPO Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa because it is a simple, streamlined design that is made out of high-quality materials and is very comfortable. It has all the features that we are looking for in an air lounger.

If you want a more unique air lounger for kids or an air lounger for festivals, we recommend checking out the Rukket Sports Glow-Nana Inflatable Lounger, because it is made by one of the best names in sports and is outfitted with LED nightlights in addition to coming in a variety of fun prints.